Growing tomatoes in grow bags: The best effective 6 steps guide

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growing tomatoes in grow bags

Whether you want to grow tomatoes indoors or outdoors, using grow bags is always the best way to get a better production. Growing tomatoes in grow bags will provide your plants with a larger rooting area and stop them drying out in hot weather, which is better for the plants and means less watering for you.

There are different ways of growing tomatoes in grow bag. The best two ways are either you plant the tomatoes directly into the growing bag or you can try using a growing ring to increase the amount of compost the roots sit in. Either way, you will increase the amount of water and nutrients available to each plant and therefore increase crops.

Follow our easy 6 steps guide carefully to guarantee that your tomatoes will produce a heavy flavored crop.

1.  First step

growing tomatoes in grow bags

Growing tomatoes in grow bags could be tricky especially that tomatoes are delicate plants. Therefore you need to follow these steps carefully. You should start by moistening compost. In order to do that, immerse pots of young tomato plants in a tray of water for an hour.

Tomatoes need a lot of sunlight. Therefore Lay the growing bag in a sunny position and shake it to dislodge any compacted compost inside.

2. Second step

Second step for growing tomatoes in a grow bag

Then, you should cut a slot out of the bag to expose the compost for planting into. Then, if necessary, use a hand fork or any other sharp material to further dislodge compacted compost. This is the easiest step, but if you are a bit hesitant or confused, follow the above pictures for instructions and orientations.

3. Third step

third steo for growing tomatoes in growing bags

The number of plants you are going to plant depends on the size of the compost. 60-liter bag of compost is suitable for two plants. However, if you want to plant three plants, you will need a 75-liter bag. Of course, the more plants you want to grow the larger bags you will need.

To plant your tomatoes directly into the grow bag, use a hand trowel to create a planting hole and gently knock the plant out of its original pot. Place your tomato plant in the planting hole, replacing the compost and firming gently.

4. Fourth step

fourth step for growing tomatoes in grow bags

If you’re not planting your tomatoes directly into the grow bag but rather you are using a growing ring, push it into the compost before planting the tomato plant. Then you can plant your tomato and water well and firm the compost around the plant.

5. Fifth step

fifth step for growing tomatoes in grow bags

Using a growing ring to grow your tomatoes in a growing bag is beneficial. For example, when you water the plant, water is directed straight to the roots and doesn’t run off the surface of the compost.

Tomatoes need frequent and consistent watering. You will have to water your plants regularly and daily. However, be careful of overwatering. They are also heavy feeders. Once flowers appear, you should feed weekly with a high-potash fertilizer to increase your crop.

6. Sixth step

sixth step for growing tomatoes in growing bags

This is the final step in our guide. This step is more like a necessary tip for growing tomatoes in growing bags. It is advisable that you grow companion plants such as French marigold, Tagetes, to deter whitefly from attacking your plants. Companion plants also protect your crops from pests.

However, don’t plant too much companion plants. Putting one plant into the planting hole next to the tomato is enough to protect your plant.

Growing tomatoes in grow bags is easier and safer with the above steps. As you can see, they are easy to follow steps so don’t hesitate and start your gardening experience.

You could also learn how to grow tomatoes in greenhouses and in self-watering containers if you are a busy person.

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If you have any questions or inquiries we will be glad to answer them. Just comment on the post and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Enjoy your gardening.



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