Gutter garden ideas: the best and the most creative list.

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People don’t throw old stuff anymore. Re-using them is the new trend today. One of the things that you should think twice before throwing them is your gutter. There are a lot of ideas to make your old useless gutter useful. Perhaps the easiest most inspiring idea is to convert your gutter into a gutter garden. Here, you will find a list of the best effective gutter garden ideas.

If you ever noticed that your rain gutters are not functioning correctly and they need some repair, gutter gardens would be the perfect way to do so.  A gutter garden also adds a unique touch to your indoor and outdoor. Besides being functional, they are a beautiful decoration. Let’s find out in the following list the best gutter garden ideas.

1. A Hanging PVC Gutter Garden

A Hanging PVC Gutter Garden

This is the most beautiful and efficient idea for people who have a porch in their houses. you could use PVC gutter to create an alluring hanging garden. It is simple, effective and most of all an extremely unique decor.

2. A Free Standing Herb Garden

A Free Standing Herb Garden

If you don’t have a porch, nonetheless you liked the previous idea and you want a hanging gutter garden. Well then, this idea is for you. It is a free-standing gutter garden where gutter planters are suspended ina wood frame. The advantage of this garden is that is easily reachable. Taking care of the plants in it won’t be difficult.

3. The Deck Railing gutter garden

The Deck Railing gutter garden

This is a long gutter garden standing along the deck railing. It is a charming decor. However, if you wish it to be charming and functional, you could attach a long rain gutter and grow it with flowers or herbs along the railing of your deck. This idea is flexible. It could be applied to other parts of your house such as your balcony.

4. Shade gutter garden

Shade gutter garden

it is one of the most spread and popular ideas for gutter gardens. It is also considered by many the best gutter garden idea. All you need to do is to place your rain gutter garden along the windows. It will serve as a shade from incoming sunlight. Thus, it is basically a naturally made curtain or screen. You have the choice of installing the gutter inside or outside the window.

5. Kitchen gutter garden

Kitchen gutter garden

this is an outstanding indoor gutter garden. It is easily made you. You just need to attach rain gutters to a wall painted with chalkboard paint. You could grow spinach, lettuce or other favorite greens in it.

If you don’t know how to grow spinach indoor, you can read how right here(insert spinach link).

6. A Hydroponic Rain Gutter Garden

A Hydroponic Rain Gutter Garden

If you don’t have a patch of soil to grow plants, don’t worry about. A hydroponic rain gutter garden is your solution. It is not hard to build one and it will allow you to grow your own plants. build one and enjoy watching your growing plants.

7. Pallet stand gutter garden

Pallet stand gutter garden

This is definitely one of the best and easiest ideas for the gutter garden. It does not need much work too. Look for some pallets and create a pallet stand. Attach gutter to it preferably with nails. Plant your gutter and you will have a standing gutter garden.

8. A fence gutter garden

A fence gutter garden

There is no better way for spicing and decorating your face than rain gutter garden. This is a great idea to add some colors and uniqueness to your fence. Besides, this is a smart idea to save space. Instead of crowding your garden with plants, you could just plant them in your new gutter garden.

9. A Sculptural Gutter Garden in The Shape of a Tree

A Sculptural Gutter Garden in The Shape of a Tree

This is a true masterpiece. I totally appreciate the time and the effort devoted to it. It is totally worth it. One of the most creative gutter gardens I have ever seen. Obviously, it is designed with care and passion. It is made of rain gutter strawberry planters attached to the branches of a metal tree sculpture.

10. Fences gutter gardens

Fences gutter gardens

This is another great idea of how to use your gutter. As you can see in the above picture, the gutter can replace fences. Instead of having a wood or wire fence, you could have a beautiful gutter garden fence. It is more attractive and you could plant your favorite greens in it.

11. Fence Decoration gutter garden

Fence Decoration gutter garden

Perhaps you don’t feel secure of having your whole fence made of a gutter, yet, you want to decorate it with a gutter garden. This idea is the perfect idea to show you how to properly decorate your fence. All you need to do is to cover your wooden fence with gutter aluminum.

12. Rain Gutter Centerpiece

Rain Gutter Centerpiece

This seductive gutter garden is made of rain gutters. It is very beautiful thus it works completely fine as an indoor and outdoor decoration. For indoor decoration, it is commonly used as a table top.

13. Strawberry Gutter Garden

Strawberry Gutter Garden

Gutters are a perfect choice for growing strawberries. Growing strawberries in gutters will definitely save you some space you may use in other things. They are also a beautiful decor. Besides, they’re flexible in moving and hanging. You could hang them anywhere.

These are the best ideas of how to use your gutters instead of throwing them. They could be a beautiful functional decor. If you ever require any help on how to make them, please contact us. We will be glad to help in any way possible.



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