Backyard pond ideas: A list of the most beautiful easy doing pond ideas.

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Backyard ponds are a man-made water feature. Ponds are just like any other decoration, they add charm and beauty to any outdoor space. They are very popular not only for their beautiful design but also for their healthy effect on the surrounding lives. As a matter of fact, they bring life, sound, and relaxation to your house.

However, before you start decorating your house with a backyard pond, there are few things that you should take into consideration. First of all, let’s start with your level of commitment. Usually, ponds are a low maintenance decor, but, new ponds, especially the ones with fish, need constant care and observation.

Second, another fact that you should keep in mind is that not are suitable for planting near or in your pond. You will need to grow plants that are best adaptable first to your climate and second to how deep your pond is.  Submerged plants, marginal plants, and floating plants are the most adaptable and best suitable for your backyard pond.

Finally, one more thing that you should not lose sight on is your taste. How would you like your pond to be? above ground? in ground? what would you like it to contain? fish? plants? would you like to decorate it with waterfalls or bubblers? You could add many different elements, it totally depends on your taste and budget.

We have enlisted the best backyard ponds for you. In this list, you will find different types of backyard ponds with different styles for different tastes. We also made sure to cover all kind of budgets.

1. Paving stones backyard pond

Paving stones backyard pond

This beautiful pond comes in different sizes. You actually choose what size to build. it is a breathtaking non-expensive pond.  It is also a low maintenance decor. The design is simple and chic. You could also choose the colors of the pavers. There is a variety of colors available for all tastes.

2. Whiskey barrel backyard pond

Whiskey barrel backyard pond

This small whiskey barrel water feature is also a cheap low maintenance backyard pond. It is perfect for people with a tight budget. If you’re wondering where from you could buy one, it is available at as kits.

3. Hot tub pond

Hot tub pond

If you have an old hot tub in your yard that you don’t use anymore, well, you will start to. Hot tubs could be converted into beautiful backyard ponds. By doing so, you will cut the expenses of building a new pond. They are also easy to clean and they don’t need constant observation and care.

4. Farm stock tub converted into a backyard container pond

Farm stock tub converted into a backyard container pond

this is a metal farm stock tub used as a container pond. It is a wonderful idea as it is beautiful and small so you don’t have to worry about the space. It is suitable for people who don’t have much space in their backyards. the stock hubs are available at farm stores. They are either plastic or galvanized metal. for people who are running on a tight budget, plastic stock hubs are cheaper than the metal ones.

You can see a full tutorial on how to make one right here.

5. Inground backyard pond

Inground backyard pond

Beautiful right? This beautiful design is budget friendly. I know you’re going to be surprised when you hear that this wonderful pond is among the cheapest ponds that you could buy. It is beautiful and simple and can be finished in an afternoon. Learn how to build it here.

6. Stone bricks pond

Stone bricks pond

This is another budget-friendly beautiful pond. It is not expensive to build but it needs digging. At the head of this pond, there is a small waterfall. It is not expensive too. It contains daylilies and it is surrounded by many other plants. provides you with the ultimate guide to duplicate this design.

7. Contemporary small backyard pond

Contemporary small backyard pond

If you don’t have a lot of space in your backyard but you desire to have a pond for decoration, that is not a problem. This beautiful contemporary design is one of the smallest backyard ponds. I love it from the first look. It is modern, classy and affordable. It does not cost more than 30 dollars.

A step by step guide is available here.

8. Modern medium backyard pond

Modern medium backyard pond

This gorgeous backyard pond and deck are expensive. They are definitely worth the price. I mean if I could afford them, one look at them would be enough for me to buy them. This backyard pond costs around 3000 dollars. Although it is expensive to build, it is easy to maintain. Its maintenance is not costly at all.

For this complicated fancy design, we provide you with a step by step guide to building it.

9. Tire pond

 Tire pond

I know what you are thinking. You must be wondering how is it possible to make a tire pond. Well, that beautiful backyard pond is made of a tractor tire. Cover the tire with some PVC foil to make sure it won’t leak. Dig a bit in the ground and stick the tire, then cover the sides with soil and stone or bricks. It is beautiful and anyone can afford it.

Just follow these instructions and you will have one in no time.

10. Medium backyard fish pond

Medium backyard fish pond

For a fish pond, this is considered cheap. It costs around 100 dollars. It is fit for both small and big backyards. It is not difficult to build. In fact, you could build in 5 simple steps. As always, digging the whole is the first step. Then you should lay a liner in the hole. fill the hole with some water and secure the liner. finally, surround the sides with some rocks and your backyard pond is ready.

Learn how to create this simple inexpensive model right here.

11. Metal tank pond

Metal tank pond

In order to make a backyard pond, the first thing you need is something that will hold water. Therefore, a metal tank is a perfect choice. you could set it up only in a few hours. You could also choose to set it up in the ground or above the ground. Once you decorate its surrounding with some rocks or plants, you will have an adorable pond to look at.

It costs the fraction of a professionally designed pond. Click here to see the tutorial.


12. Wooden backyard pond

 Wooden backyard pond

Do you have some pallets and boards left? are you considering throwing them away? please don’t. Pallets can be recycled to make the dick for this amazing pond. This pond is perfect for modern people who don’t want a traditional round pond. It is not hard to build and it does not cost much.

13: 3 Tires pond

3 Tires pond

Well, let’s say with this pond, you’re getting three for the price of one.  These simple and small ponds are absolutely magnificent. They are cheap as they’re made of old tires and they are a beautiful display for your backyard. You could customize the surrounding to suit your taste.

14. rainwater pond

rainwater pond

If you live in an area where it rains a lot, this pond is made for you then. As you see, it is a small pond so it fits in no matter how small your backyard is. It is not designed for decoration purpose only, but also for a functional purpose. The tunnels leading to the pond are made to collect rainwater in order to turn your backyard into a burbling brook.

15. Natural looking pond

Natural looking pond

Natural looking backyard ponds save your money.  Once you dig and install them, you don’t need any fancy filters. They are easy to build and easier to maintain. They represent a heaven for the owner and the animal life.

16. Boat backyard pond

Boat backyard pond

Boats are the perfect above ground backyard ponds. Boats are made watertight which is what ponds are about. You don’t have to add anything special to it, you just simply need to fill it up with water, decorate it, and enjoy your pond. If you have an old boat then you have a backyard pond waiting for you.

17. Piano backyard pond

Piano backyard pond

This is another original backyard pond idea. At the first glimpse maybe you will wonder how would you get a piano? don’t worry about it. There are literally hundreds of free unused piano out there.  You couldn’t find one, you could buy one cheaply from a garbage store. It wouldn’t cost you more than 30 dollars to build this fascinating backyard pond.

Backyard ponds are extremely useful, not only for decoration but also for your relaxation as well as your family’s. You could put fish in them and watch the kids having fun for hours or you could just sit down and enjoy the sound of waterfalls. We hope that we helped you find what you are looking for and that you found these original ideas inspiring.

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