How to Clean Your Washing Machine in 6 Easy Steps?

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Have you ever wanted to know the best way to clean your washing machine? Cleaning is much easier with the help of our washing machines. However, sometimes it is the cleaning machines that need to be cleaned!

When that time comes, though, you need not worry. Here are the 6 simple steps to clean your machine that we recommend. Let’s get to cleaning right away!

Do You Need To Clean Your Machine?

Yes. To clean a cleaning machine may seem illogical at first. It cleans for you. Obviously it’s going to be clean because how could it not be? Well, that’s because you can get dirt on it from anything you put in the washing machine.

It’s not only the dirty clothes, though. Cleaning products like detergents, softeners, and bleaches can also leave residue in the washing machine. Things like this can leave behind residue, accumulate over time, and provide a perfect environment for germs.

Thus, cleaning washing machines is necessary to keep them from doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do. Instead of washing garments, it could start further dirtying them. It’s also possible that neglecting to clean your washing machine will lead to its early demise.

Due to all of that, maintaining a clean machine is essential. Additionally, quarterly deep cleaning is good.


Choose Your Cleaning Partner For The Job

Pick a cleaning partner and gather your supplies before beginning.

The choice of cleaning agent comes first. The most popular options for washing machine cleaning are:

  • Cleaning Agent Amount Needed
  • Vinegar Approx. 6 Cups
  • Bleach Approx. 3 Cups
  • Dishwashing Soap Approx. A Quarter Cup
  • Baking Soda Approx. 2 Cups
  • Detergent Approx. A Quarter Cup

It’s up to you whether or not to use dish soap and baking soda. But you have to choose between vinegar and bleach at the very least.

Vinegar could be useful if you need to get rid of a smell. However, other people advise against it because it can damage the machine’s rubber components. You could use this, but excessive repetition is probably not in your best interest.

Bleach could be the best option if you need to get rid of gunk, stains, and the like. But watch out that you don’t go too far with this one.

You have the option of using both, but only alternately. Keep in mind that we recommend going with just one. It’s risky to combine the two.

Here are some things you’ll need to complete the task:

  • Spray Bottle
  • Toothbrush
  • Cloth
  • Gloves

Have you finished getting ready? Alright, then, let’s get to cleaning!


Wipe Everything That You can See

As a first step, please turn off and unplug the washer. Wear gloves before you begin. Although the chemicals you’re working with may not be very dangerous, they are nonetheless chemicals.

Next, you must prepare your cleaning agent. Cleansing with either vinegar or bleach would require a ratio of 1 part cleaning ingredient to 1 part water. Add some dish soap if you’d like. Save yourself some time and effort by making the solution right in the spray container.

Then, spray the solution you produced all over the inside of the washing machine.

Finally, use a clean cloth to wipe down the entire area.


Brush The Nooks & Crannies

To proceed, get a toothbrush and your own cleaning solution. You are free to use the solution as is. If the dirt and grime you’re trying to remove is very stubborn, though, you may always add some baking soda to the mixture.

The first step is to apply a small amount of the mixture to the crevices of your washing machine. Then, you should grab out your toothbrush and scrub vigorously until you’ve reached every nook and cranny.


Fill the Washing Machine with Water

Initiate this process by powering on the washer after plugging it in.

During this time, you should fill the washing machine with hot water. Follow that up by adding in some vinegar or bleach. Once again, you should not combine them. It produces chlorine gas, which can be lethal.

Depending on the severity of the issue and the size of the appliance, add anywhere from a quarter cup to four cups of vinegar. If you use bleach, however, no matter how great the problem or equipment is, only use a quarter of it.

Then run a cycle until everything is mixed well. This one should only take a minute or so. Stop everything once the cleaning agent is mixed with the water. Finally, let the machine sit for an hour with the solution inside. Keep in mind that this is the time to leave the washing machine door open.


Run The Washer

You can now shut the washer and let the cycle finish.

It is possible to:

  • Stop right here.
  • Run another cycle.
  • Start the cycle again, but this time add one cup of baking soda.
  • Start a new cycle, but this time add a quarter cup of the opposing detergent. Therefore, following the use of vinegar, bleach would be utilized. If, on the other hand, you started with bleach, you’d move on to vinegar.
  • Start the washing machine again, but this time add 1/4 cup of detergent. You should use this cycle if you really want to get rid of the odor from the last one.

Whatever you select, remember to rinse, spin, and drain after each cycle.


Let the washer air dry

Once the machine has been cleaned to your satisfaction, you can let it air dry for as long as it takes. Be sure the washing machine’s door is open. Having the doors and windows open also helps with airflow.


Wipe Everything You Can See Again

The next step is to get a fresh cloth and wipe down the entire area. You should also check all the crevices and hidden areas while you’re at it.

Tips & tricks for keeping the washing machine clean

You now know how to properly clean your washing machine. Next, let’s talk about ways to get less dirt in your washing machine the next time you use it.

  • Use eco-friendly products. Washing machine buildup can be avoided with the use of environmentally friendly detergents, bleaches, and softeners.
  • Never throw in more dirty garments than the washing machine can handle, and don’t use more than one type of cleaning product at a time.
  • Your washing machine will dry faster if you keep the lid or door open.
  • Take the load out right away. Do not delay taking out the clothing because doing so is the cause of many problems with the washing machine being soiled.
  • Inspect the washing machine before and after each usage, and remove any debris you find. You should also clean the washer’s interior after each use.
  • The inside of your washing machine isn’t the only part you should clean. In addition to wiping the inside, you should also wipe down the exterior of your washer. Also, move it and sweep it when possible.

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