How To Create A Witch’s Garden: The best plants for a fabulous garden

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How to create a witch's garden

Gardens are a magical place where you can communicate with nature. Spending much time in your garden will allow you to communicate with your plants and understand them. Communicating with nature is relaxing and refreshing, but it needs a witch garden. If you don’t already have one, this article will show you how to create a witch’s garden.

Creating a witch’s garden is not an easy task.  First of all, you need to choose the right plants. Second, there are some mythical and magical rituals that you need to learn. All of these are available in this informative article. All you need to do is to follow the provided tips.

A witch’ garden will not only help you relax but it will also make your garden stand out. It adds beauty, charm, and magic to your garden. You will enjoy an extremely beautiful and remarkable view every time you step into your magical garden. Keep on reading this article to find out how to create a stunning witch’s garden.

1. Preparing your magical bed

Gardens have a healing effect. Spending some time in a garden alone away from noise and people will help you clear your mind and your heart. Besides, gardens provide energy to your body. They will revive both your soul and your body.

In order to create a witch’s garden, you need to begin by creating a private space of solitude in the middle of your garden. You should remove any links to chemicals and industrial life. Make it completely natural. Withdrawing from the chemical life will bring you joy and inner happiness.

Make sure that your private space contains a good quality soil that will allow you to sow your magical plants without facing any serious issues. If you believe that your garden’ soil is poor, plant some legumes and beans, they will replenish the soil with nitrogen and improve its quality.

Tobacco plants are also an excellent choice to improve your garden soil’s quality. It is diseases-resistant so it will keep many pests and diseases away. Once your garden bed is ready, start planting your favorite herbs, plants and flowers.

2. Creating an altar

How to create a witch's garden

Before telling you how to create an altar, we are going to tell what an altar is. An altar is a private place in your garden where you can meditate and have some peace of mind. In other words, it is the place where you spiritually connect to nature.

An altar will make you feel special and sacred. It is said that it provides a godly feeling. For creating an altar, look for a big rock covered with a bit of moss to sit on while meditating. If you don’t have any in your garden, bring one. It is preferable that you shed this private area with tall plants.

You can grow tall plants in raised beds or containers to surround your private area with. If you don’t know which plants to grow, check out this selection of the best plants to grow in raised beds.

If you think that bringing a big rock to your garden is a difficult task, you could use a small table instead. An old rustic wooden table will perfectly blend into your garden. You could also decorate it with small stones to add an extra beauty.

There are a lot of wonderful ideas for creating an altar, you could find more ideas if you follow this link.

3. Choosing adequate plants

In order to learn how to create a witch’s garden, you need to distinguish first which plants are suitable for this purpose. There are wide varieties of plants, herbs, and flowers that fit to create a magical garden. Some of them are edible, some of them are medicinal but most of all, all of them are decorative.

In this section of this article, we will provide with a list of the best and the most decorative plants to use in creating a witch’s garden.



Rosemaries are an excellent choice for witch’s gardens. It is a slow maintenance sturdy plant that tolerates heat and requires occasional watering. Rosemaries can be grown either directly in the ground or in pots. To grow rosemaries, you need to place it in a sunny spot.  You should also keep the soil dry, it does not like moist.

Rosemaries are known to provoke cognitive awareness. In folk stories, it is said that it is used for the white magic to heal people and produce feelings of love. Mythically speaking, this herb spreads love, passion, and romance. It has an extremely powerful spiritual effect.



This beautiful flower is one of the easiest flowers to grow. It grows from seed and it does not take long to flower and bloom. It is an extremely colorful flower that will definitely make your garden magical and joyful. Besides adding colors to your garden, you can also eat this flower. It is an edible flower which is something useful if you felt hungry while meditating.

Calendula, alongside lavender, is used to keep away evil spirits. Since it is a colorful joyful flower, it is useful to cheer up and kick out negative vibes and energy.

To ensure a magical effect, you could also choose one of these night blooming flowers to grow in your garden.



Basil is a popular herb known for its magical and medicinal uses. It is another low-maintenance herb that does require much attention and care to grow. Basil has many health benefits that include ameliorating human senses. Most of all, what makes basil an ideal choice for your magical garden is the myth that says basil attracts money luck.



Mint is the most favorite plant for witch’ garden. It is said that witches have always favored and used this plant for their magical recipes. Many gardeners consider mint an intrusive herb because it spreads fast covering a lot of space.

In order to keep your mint under control, it is better to grow it in pots away from other plants. Medically speaking, it has been proved that this fantastic herb can cure many digestive problems. Spiritually speaking, this plant brings love and money. It is said that this herb is used for making white magic spells to keep evil away and attract good spirits and help.



Levander needs no definition. It well known to be one of the most used herbs to create a variety of medicines. It is also an edible herb that is widely used in many dished around the world. However, what makes it a popular herb for witches to use in magic is that Lavender is believed to be the Holy Grail of aromatherapy.



Chamomile is a popular beautiful ground cover. It is extremely decorative and will definitely give your garden ground a wonderful view. Furthermore, scientific researches came to conclude that chamomile leaves improve sleep. You can add its leaves to your tea and you will have a better sleep.

There are a lot of wonderful decorative ground covers that you could use to beautify your garden. Here is a selection of the best decorative ground covers.



Sage is a well-known plant. It is a low maintenance member of the mint family. It is perfect to grow in gardens as it only requires full sun and occasional watering. It is popular in making holiday meals as well as in making medicines. As a matter of fact, it is widely used to heal a variety of health problems including digestive and inflammatory diseases.

This herb is also an extremely magical plant. It is a crucial ingredient in many magical recipes. It is said that this plant has the magical ability to grant wishes and make them come true. It is also believed that it increases fertility, repels evil forces and brings immortality.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm

This amazing plant originates from Asia and the Mediterranean parts of Europe. This is another magical plant that will help you with many health issues. For instance, this plant has a wonderful capability to improve sleep and heal various digestive problems. Its scent alone is an anti-depressor that helps to rest anxious souls.

Lemon balm should be grown in partial shade. If you don’t have a shy spot in your garden, you should consider creating one.  This plant will attract many useful insects to your gardens such as bees and butterflies.



Lilacs are wonderful flowers. They are beautiful and they release an extremely sweet scent that will spread throughout your garden making it smell magical. Lilacs are one of the most fragrant and decorative flowers. They have a unique color that attracts the eyes.

If you want to create a stunning eye-catching witchy garden, Lilacs are ideal flowers to plant. Besides their splendid view, their odor will absolutely give you a feeling of tranquility and calmness. For more fragrant decorative flowers, check this post.



Dianthus is a beautiful edible flower. It is one of the few flowers that you could use to adorn your garden and make your dinner. However, not all parts of this flower are edible. Only the flower’s petals are edible. Dianthus is mainly used to garnish cookies and cakes. In magic, it is the symbol of wellness.

Dianthus is popular because of its colors. It is a very colorful flower. It blooms in red, pink, white and many other colors. If you wish to create an alluring witch’s garden, Dianthus is a perfect choice as it will make your garden look like an earthly rainbow.

These are the best plants to use for your witchy garden. However, there are many more plants that are also appropriate for magical gardens. For example, you could also use Yarrow, Nettle, Peppermint, nightshade, etc.

4. Extra tips for choosing the right plants

In choosing plants for your witchy garden, you should avoid toxic plants no matter how beautiful and appealing they are. There are some very popular poisonous plants such as datura, poppy, belladonna, and Mandrake. These plants, even if they don’t represent a threat to adults, they are dangerous to children an animals.

For more information, check out this list of the most common poisonous plants.

Your witchy garden is where you relax, get in touch with your soul and relieve your negative vibes and energy, therefore it is highly advisable that you choose plants you are interested in. It does not matter whether they are fragrant or not, whether they are decorative or not, what matters is that they appeal to you.

5. Requirements to learn how to create a witch’s garden



Mulching is decisive to keep weeds away from surrounding your plants. Besides, they keep your soil moist to reduce watering as well as they feed your plants by releasing vital nutrients. There are a lot of materials that you could use for mulching such as color-free newspapers, woodchips, hay, straw and organic compost.



Composts will feed your plants and make them grow faster. It is the best way to ensure that your plants thrive and reach the optimum growth. Composting is easy. All you need to do is make a five inches layers of carbon materials and then add 1 to 2 inches of green nitrogen materials.

The best carbon materials that you could use are crop residues, garden debris, hay and chopped leaves. For nitrogen materials, you could use kitchen scraps, manures, blood meal and cottonseed meal. Once you added the compost materials, cover them with your garden soil.

Afterward, you should water the pile of soil and compost materials properly. This will help them decompose into fertilizers that will feed both your plants and soil. The decomposition usually takes 5 weeks to 2 months.

6. Pests and diseases

When your plants grow, they are prone to many pests and diseases. The traditional way of facing them is to use herbicides and pesticides. However, it is better to treat the infected plants with hot compost. A hot compost of 140 to 165 degrees will kill any pests and cure any diseases.

7. Some rituals for witchy gardens

Learning how to create a witch’ garden does not revolve only about preparing the witchy garden’s bed and sowing the seeds, but also about practicing some spiritual rituals. In order to communicate with nature, you need to spend some time alone in your garden where you practice some witchy gardening rituals.

Practicing witchy gardening rituals is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has existed since the very existence of gardening. Although many gardeners deny this practice, science has proven that talking to plants boosts their growth and yield. Below you will find some of the most witchy gardening rituals.

Blessing the plants

Blessing the plants

Blessing your plants is believed to have a magical ability to promote their growth. This practice could be traced back as far as the stone ages. Besides, this practice helps the plants to create the vibes you want them to release. Blessing the plants could be done through talking to them or through creating a sacred place to grow them and make them feel special. Either way, it will help them grow faster.

Blessing the seeds

Blessing the seeds

It is believed that this practice will revive the dormant plants. It will recharge the seeds with energy and help them in their transition to a new life. This ritual is usually done in the dark. Thus, if you want to bless your seeds, you better do it at night.

If you don’t know how to bless seeds, follow these instructions.

8. Moon harvesting

moon harvesting

Although many skeptics underestimate the value of moon harvesting, this practice has widely contributed to improving germination rate and vigor of plants. It is scientifically proven that the moon influences all living creatures. Humans and plants are no exception.

Moon harvesting helps to increase the yield of your plants and helps to establish a strong connection and interaction between you and your plants.

Many gardeners also sow their seeds at night when the moon is full. It is believed that these seeds will grow to become magical plants.

Learning how to create a witch’s garden is about unleashing the imagination of your mind. The idea is attractive and applying it is a fun a process. Unlike the common belief, not only pagans and practitioners of witchcraft create a witchy garden, but anyone who wants to create a sanctuary where to relax. It is a private space where people can clear their minds and release their negative vibes.

For many gardeners, it is the best way to profit from their property. If you are stressed out, you should start creating your own witchy garden, it will help you cheer up. Enjoy your gardening and we welcome any feedback.

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