How to grow mint indoors: The most effective growing steps

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how to grow mint indoors

Mint is a lovable herb for several reasons. First of all, it is a fragrant herb that will release an extremely pleasant scent in any room you keep in. Second, it is low maintenance and it grows easily and fast. Most of all, what makes mint extremely popular is its remarkable flavor. You could add it to a variety of dishes. You could even use it to make ice cream. In this post, we will show you how to grow mint indoors to enjoy this exceptional herb.

Growing mint indoors is easy. In fact, growing mint in pots is the best way to grow this herb as it requires neither much care nor much attention. Besides, you could choose either to grow mint in a container or in water. Either way, this herb will grow and thrive.

To learn how to grow mint indoors, read the informative tips below.

1. Buy a mint seedling

how to grow mint indoors

There are over 600 variety of mints and all of them are perfect for indoor gardening. The most popular varieties are sweet mint, chocolate mint, spearmint, lemon mint, apple mint, and peppermint. Choose which variety you like the most. You can buy the mint seedling from your local nursery store. The best seedlings to start with are those which are at least 4 inches tall.

2. Choosing a container

For growing mint, it is better to choose a wide container rather than a deep one. Each mint seedling will require an at least 12 inches wide container. Drilling drainage holes in the container is necessary to avoid root rot and promote the growth of your seedling.

3. Soil

You should fill the container with a well-draining high-quality potting mix. Don’t use soil from your garden but rather buy it from your local nursery store. If you don’t want to buy soil, you can make a quality potting mix by yourself.

There are two basic ways to create a soilless light potting mix. The first way is to mix 4-6 parts peat moss with 1 part perlite and 1 part vermiculite. The second way is to combine 1 part peat moss or coco peat, 1 part perlite or sand and 1 part compost.

4. Planting in soil

how to grow mint indoors

Once you fill the container with soil, start planting your seedling. Poke a small hole in the soil using your fingers. The hole should be as deep as the seedling’s roots. Cover the roots with soil and press it down to make sure the seedling won’t mover.

Once your seedling is perfectly planted, water it generously to make sure the soil settles down. The seedling will need approximately  6–8 fluid ounces of water.

5. Planting in water

how to grow mint indoors

For decorative reasons, some people choose to plant their mints in water. It is also an easy way to grow mint. All you need to do is to fill a glass cup or a tray of fresh water, then plant the seedling in it. The seedling should be at least 5 inches tall. Before planting in water make sure you remove the bottom leaves.

You will need to change the water every day. Once the seedling grows some leaves, you could either use or transplant it in a container.

6. Location

how to grow mint indoors

Growing mints requires that you expose it to direct sunlight daily for at least 4 hours. Therefore, the best spot is a sunny spot where air circulates freely. You could use your kitchen’s windowsill. It is a proper location for placing your mint. Balconies are also an excellent choice.

7. Watering

Mint grow better in a moist soil but not waterlogged soil. Don’t wet the water too much. Keep the soil moist but don’t over water it. You should also avoid underwatering. For best results, you should choose one of these self-watering containers. They decorative, inexpensive and most of all highly effective.

8. Fertilizing

Mint does not require fertilizing to grow. However, if you wish to fertilize your plants to improve their yield, you should use water-soluble all-purpose fertilizer occasionally. Be careful when fertilizing your mints, over fertilizing will make them lose their flavor. You could also add compost and manure to the top layer of soil.

9. Pruning

If you want your plant to develop more branches and becomes bushy, you should pinch off the tips on regular bases. Pruning the dead branches will keep your plant in an attractive shape. Do not allow your plant to flower, once you spot some flowers, pinch them off immediately.

10. Temperature

A moderate temperature is crucial to the growth of mint. You should shield your plants from cold drafts as well as hot dry air. Ideal temperature degrees for mint should vary between 65F and 70F during daytime and 55F and 60F at nighttime.

11. Harvesting

how to grow mint indoors

Harvesting mint is the easiest task. It does not need any special requirements, you can harvest your plant whenever you feel into it or whenever you need to. It usually takes 2 to 6 weeks from your mint to be ready for harvesting. Don’t pick more than 1/3 of your plant otherwise it won’t be able to grow again.

Following this guide on how to grow mint indoors will ensure that you will have a constant supply of highly delicious and healthy mint. If you want to flavor your dishes, you should definitely learn how to grow turmeric indoors. However, if you are a herb person, check out this list of the most decorative and the most flavored herbs to grow indoors.

Enjoy growing mint and contact us if you have any inquiries.

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