How to Grow Tomatoes in a Hanging Basket: The best vertical gardening

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How to Grow Tomatoes in a Hanging Basket: The best vertical gardening

Tomatoes are the best vegetables to grow in hanging baskets, not only because they are productive but they are also a beautiful decorative vertical garden. If you are living in an urban area or you lack space in your garden, learning how to grow tomatoes in a hanging basket may be what you need.

Tomatoes need a large space to grow, this fact may be a problem for many enthusiastic gardeners as they may not have gardens or they may not have enough space in their garden. Hanging baskets will provide the space you require to plant your tomatoes.

Besides they are vertical, they can be hung anywhere, you could hang them on the balcony to have a vertical balcony garden that does not occupy any space or you could hang the outdoors in your garden.

Growing tomatoes in a hanging basket is beneficial in many aspects. For example, your tomatoes will be kept away from diseases and pests as they will not be able to access a hanging basket as well as it makes harvesting a lot easier.

If you want to learn how to grow tomatoes in a hanging basket, just follow the below guide.

1. Choose an adequate variety

Tumbling Tom in hanging baskets
Tumbling Tom variety

You can’t choose a random tomato variety to grow in a hanging basket. You need a small variety that grows well and produces heavily. There are a lot of varieties that you could choose from. There are even varieties that are bred distinctively for hanging baskets such as Tumbling Tom types.

In addition to the Tumbling Tom types, almost all cherry tomatoes are ideal to grow in hanging baskets. They perfectly grow upside down and they have a strong enough connection to the fruits. hundreds and thousands, a unique UK variety, is also suitable to grow in hanging baskets.

In brief, you need to choose a bush variety that has a strong stem and branches to make sure that your tomato fruits will not fall down.

2. Choosing a hanging basket

preparing a hanging basket for tomatoes

Choosing a container to hang is not a difficult task. There are a lot of options available. However, there are a few tips you need to abide. First of all, the container should be strong enough not to collapse from active roots and the heavy weight of the plant.

Second, although you are growing a variety that does not require a large space, you need to provide an adequate space for your plants. A 16 diameter hanging container is perfect to hold your plant.

Since hanging baskets dry more quickly than a regular container, I strongly suggest that you line your basket with plastic, coconut liner, or a moss liner. Whatever liner you choose, make some drainage holes in it before lining it to your basket.

There are some impressive cheap self-watering hanging baskets available at This one is gorgeous and it costs only  $14.7. However, if you are into DIY projects, then check out these amazing self-watering tomato planters.

3. Preparing the hanging basket

Growing tomatoes in hanging baskets successfully depends heavily on the soil. A good quality potting soil mix is compulsory for your tomatoes to grow healthy and produce heavily.  Fill only 3/4 of the basket with soil. Add a slow-release fertilizer and hydrogels. This will help you extend the time between watering.

If you want a maximum growth and production, put one inch of manure over the soil and feed the plants with potassium-rich liquid fertilizer.

4. Planting the tomatoes

planting tomatoes in ahnging basket

Unlike other ways of planting tomatoes, when it comes to a hanging basket, it is preferable and advisable to start with a seedling rather than seeds. Plant the seed in the same way you would do in your garden. Poke a hole in the soil that is deeper than the plant’s roots and put the plant it.

5. Hanging the basket

As you know, tomatoes need at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. Therefore, it is vital for your plants to hang them in the sunniest spot around your house. They also need daily watering. In extreme warmth and heat, water them twice per day.

This is how to grow tomatoes in a hanging basket properly. Follow the above tips and you will have not only a productive vertical garden but also an alluring decorative one. If you require more information, please contact us.

You should also read these vital tips for growing tomatoes in containers if you are not an experienced gardener. Here are also some self-watering containers that are worth taking a look at and trying.









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