How to Hem Your Jeans in Three Easy Steps Just like the Divas! (Discover How To Hem Jeans Without Cutting Off The Original)

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When shopping for jeans, it can be a hassle for those of us who need to have them hemmed because we are shorter than average. Here’s a simple way to do it yourself while preserving the garment’s original hem. This quick and easy guide will only take you about 15 minutes to complete. This is how you do it!


Step 1: Determine How Much You Need to Hem Your Blue Jeans

Put on the jeans and roll up the hem until they fit the way you like them.
Then, removing the jeans carefully while maintaining the folded edge.
Figure out how much you have by counting the folded portion.
Take careful measurements at each pin as you fasten the jeans.

Step 2: Sew!

This is going to feel strange, but trust me! Your needle will go right next to the existing hem.
The new hem will be stitched RIGHT NEXT to the old one. Stitch the hem on the RIGHT side (the farthest from the bottom of the jean).
Sew around the folded edge. You should do the same thing with the other jean leg. Try using a thicker needle in your sewing machine if you have trouble sewing over the seam.
When I get to the thick seams on the jeans’ sides, I prefer to use my hand to manually turn the wheel on the side of the machine.

Step 3: Turn the jeans legs right side out.

Step 4: Press the jeans flat to remove any excess fabric, or if you have hemmed a lot (like 5 inches or something), just snip off the excess.

If you do cut them off, they might get frayed in the wash. That’s why I just give the undersides a good ironing.

You can wear those jeans out and about and no one will even notice.
** Look at this DIY video to see how the Divas get their long jeans hemmed in no time.

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