Keep Mice Away From Your Shed, Garage, Or Barn This Winter!

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Nothing beats the unpleasant surprise of opening a garage or shed door and finding a mouse scurrying across the floor. It can be both unsettling and indicative of a much larger problem. Mice are notorious pests that can wreak havoc and spread disease. From eating seed to chewing through electrical wires, keeping them out of living and storage areas should be a top priority.

Unfortunately, in the process, they frequently cause serious damage that can be quite costly to repair. Keeping mice out of any space necessitates both a good defensive and offensive strategy. A good defense entails creating an environment that is both unappealing and impenetrable to a mouse.

And what about that great offense? That means having a plan in place to deal with any mice that get past your defenses! If you do both well, chances are you will never have to deal with mice again. Here are some of the best and most effective defensive and offensive strategies for keeping mice out of your home.

The Defensive Side- How to Keep Mice Out

Get Rid of the Cardboard

To begin, avoid storing anything in paper or paper-related products, particularly cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are inexpensive and simple to use, but they are a huge draw for mice.

Not only can mice easily chew through cardboard, but the confetti shavings that form make an excellent nest for their young. Cardboard also absorbs their urine and droppings, intensifying that all-too-familiar odor throughout anything stored in the box.

Instead, keep items in tightly sealed plastic containers. This is especially important when it comes to potential food sources like animal feed, grass seed, and garden seed.

Not only will storing these items in secure containers keep mice out, but it will also keep any scents from filtering through and attracting them in the first place.


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