How to kill a tree stump: 4 easy techniques that won’t contaminate your garden.

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how to kill a tree stump

Chopping an unwanted tree in your garden does not necessarily kill it. Sometimes it dies after chopping due to shock but most of the time it does not.  The remaining tree stamp may grow again and even if it does not, it is not a beautiful view to keep in your garden. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to kill a tree stump for good without using chemicals.

Tree stumps are not a pleasant view and they occupy space of your garden. Killing them will not only provide you with more space but it also makes your garden more attractive. Instead of digging down, to the roots to remove a tree stump, there are other effective techniques that will do the job.

However, no matter which technique you opt to use, you should avoid using chemicals. Poisonous chemicals such as Tree and Blackberry Weed Killer, Blackberry and Brush Killer will contaminate your garden and may spread to kill other plants. There are four easy, effective and inexpensive techniques that you could use to kill tree stumps for good.

This article will provide you with the necessary information and techniques to learn how to kill a tree stump. Learn and enjoy.

1.  Epsom Salt and rock salt

how to kill a tree stump through darkness

Epsom salt is mainly constituted of magnesium and sulfur. It is usually used in small doses to create a  healthy environment that boosts trees’ growth. However, large doses of this mineral are fatal to trees. It kills their roots.

Rock salt is widely used to melt ice to clear roads and walkways. Rock salt is powerful enough to destroy trees. It contains sodium chloride that causes the soil to retain moisture. This way, the tree’s roots will not be able to absorb water thus it will dry out and die.

You could use Epsom salt and rock salt in the same way. First, you will need to drill some holes on the surface of the stump to the solution will penetrate the stump. The holes should be at least 1/2-inch wide and 8 inches deep. The deeper the holes are, the better the results will be.

Once you drilled the holes, fill them up with one of the above solutions. Fill them to the top and then use candle wax or sticky tape to cover the holes. Plugging the holes is crucial to make sure that the solution remains in the stump.

Afterward, cover the stump with anything available to keep it away from sunlight and rain as these two are nutritious. This technique will kill the stump within 4 to 6 months. You will know it is dead when it starts falling apart on its own.

2. Forced Darkness

Keeping the stump away from getting any sunlight is the most inexpensive technique to kill it. Sunlight is necessary for any plant’s growth. Preventing it will eventually cause fatal results. This technique besides being inexpensive, it is also easy and does not need much effort.

All you need to do is to cover the stump with a light-resistant cover such as a dark tarp or trash bag. Make sure that the cover you use is made of plastic to also deprive it of rain. This technique will make the stump rot and die. However, this process is the longest process for killing a tree stump. In fact, it may take more than 6 months.

3. Burning the stump

How to Kill a Tree Stump through fire

This is an extremely fast and cost-effective way to kill a tree stump. However, in some area burning the stump is illegal or at least is not permitted because of the fire codes. However, if you are permitted to conduct this technique, it is highly recommended.

The first step is to drill many holes. Each hole should be at least 2 inches wide and 8 inches deep. If you stump is long, you should drill an at least 12 inches deep hole. Drilling deep hole will allow the fire to penetrate deep down your stump burning it completely.

Saturate each hole with kerosene to make sure that the stump burns to the ground. If you don’t completely saturate the holes, the fire may go down before reaching the bottom of the stump. To set fire to the stump, you could use either charcoal or Kerosene. However, kerosene is better.

To catch the fire, put some scrap wood on the surface of the stump and ignite it. Keep adding woods till the stump burns to the ground. The fire may take several hours to turn the stump into ashes. It depends on the large of the stump. Once the stump becomes ashes, remove the ashes and fill the vacant hole with soil.

4. Removing the stump

how to kill a tree stump through chopping

This is another fast technique but it needs a lot of effort. You could chop the stump at the ground level and remove it. In order to use this technique, you will need to have a stump grinder. If you don’t have one, they are available for rent in home improvement stores.

This technique is perfect for huge sturdy stumps. The stump grinder will drill into your stump and grind it. You should wear a mask before you start grinding your stump to protect your face. Put the machine on the stump and run it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When the stump is totally ground, remove the wood chips and fill the hole with soil.

These simple easy techniques are the best techniques to kill a tree stump without contaminating your garden with toxic chemicals. Using these techniques will allow you to get rid of the stump while preserving a healthy environment for your garden.

After removing the stump, you may want to plant something else in its place, consider planting a sugar plant, or one of these lovely exotic flowers.

If you have any question regarding one of these techniques, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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