10 Best Indoor and Outdoor Succulent Gardens Ideas

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10 Best Indoor and Outdoor Succulent Gardens Ideas

Succulents are a widespread decor for both outdoors and indoors gardens. These plants are lovable even for people who are not a fan of gardening. They are commonly used not only in decoration but also in clothes, toys, and cartoons. These plants are distinguished by their juicy leaves, fat stems, and thick roots.

Succulents come in different colors and foliage, blue, pink, red, yellow etc. Therefore, each plant could be completely different from the other, and they fit all tastes. In this sense, They are unique and they add a colorful spirit to space. However, most importantly, due to its small size, they don’t require a large space to grow, thus, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration.

These outstanding beautiful plants are easily taken care of. There is no doubt that anyone, even without the slightest experience in gardening, can grow them.  The best part about growing a Succulent garden, that it could fit anywhere. You don’t need to worry about where to grow your garden, Succulents could literally fir anywhere.

Read the following and we will provide you with a collection of the best ideas for indoor and outdoor Succulent gardens.

1: Wine bottle indoor succulent garden

We all love wine and we all have empty wine bottles in our houses. But, have you ever thought about using a wine bottle for decor? Now, here is your chance. Wine bottles implanted with Succulent make an elegant ornament for any room in the house. Besides, it is not hard to make them. You will just cut the bottle from a side, fill it with soil and plant your Succulent.

2: Mini glass bowl indoor succulent garden

Although Succulents come in a variety of colors, they harmonize perfectly with each other. Thus, they make a beautiful centerpiece for decoration. This type of decoration is frequently used in weddings. That is a proof of how trendy and popular Succulents are.

3: Old frame succulent garden

Do you have an old frame? do you consider getting rid of? well, don’t. Succulent can grow vertically on a wall and old frames are the perfect way to do it. Your Succulent will look like a piece of art hanging on the wall that you can display to your guests. It is easy to make such an artwork.

The tricky part is that you will need hard Succulent plants. Once you get them, you just need to fasten the back and the sides of the frame. After that, fill the frame with soil and put your Succulent and you will have a very beautiful artistic vertical Succulent indoor garden.

4: Cute succulent in glass


If you’re hesitant about the space the plants may need or you’re not sure where exactly to put your Succulents, this is a great idea to help you. Growing Succulents is great for many reasons. In this way, they don’t take a large space so you could basically put them wherever you want and move them whenever you want. Moreover, they are very tiny so you could throw them away if you don’t like them anymore.

5: Succulent indoor dish garden

Another creative idea is to grow succulent in a dish. At the first glance, this sounds weird but the best ideas always are. Believe me, this is the ultimate perfect idea. If you try it, I promise you that you will not regret it. Succulent dish gardens are very beautiful, eye-catching and attractive. Put them on the table top and they will make the attention center of the room.

Additionally, it takes only a few minutes to make them. All you need is a flat dish that you don’t like using anymore, fill it with soil and plant your succulent. This way you will have a succulent dish garden that with little care, will survive few years.

If your house or office is already decorated and you don’t want to over-decorate, besides being an indoor decorative garden, the succulent is also a beautiful outdoor ornament. Keep on reading and you will find a list of the best ideas for succulent outdoor gardens.

6: Painted cans succulent garden

Whenever we have empty cans, we automatically tend to put them in the trash directly. It is highly rare that we use them. This is a splendid idea to take advantage of them by turning them over from ugly cans to a beautiful indoor Succulent garden. You could paint them in your favorite colors and with Succulents’ multi-colors, they will become an impressive decoration.

7: Front door succulent garden

Have you ever been amazed by a front door decoration? I have always found front door decorations fascinating. They actually bring charm to your house’s appearance. This is a decoration that is widely used. Succulent represents one of the most beautiful front door decorations. Due to its multiple colors, it adds joy to your front door making your house looks like a happy house.

Front door succulent gardens are easily made. They’re made of old boxes and containers. If you don’t have one, you will definitely find one easily.

8: The wayside succulent garden

The above picture demonstrates how beautiful an outdoor succulent garden can be. This beautiful decoration does not need a lot of effort to be obtained. All you need is to make a wayside in your yard, plant succulent and cover it with stones. Don’t worry about watering, succulent does not need it.

9: Succulent wreath

Succulent wreaths are hard to make but they definitely worth the time and effort not only because they are adorable and charming but also they’re movable. You could move them to anywhere you see fit for them. Most of the time, people usually hang them on doors for decoration as well as on walls.

However, Succulent wrath could also decorate green gardens and yards. In fact, it is a great centerpiece for them if you place it in the middle of. It catches the eye and adds a nice touch to them. You will need a Spangham moss wreath frame. It is available so once you decide to go through the idea, you could buy it.  Once you do, poke holes in it and stick your succulent.

10: Outdoor succulent patio garden

Succulent patio gardens are very popular right now. Patio gardens need to be planted carefully. Not every plant is suitable for them. The nature of succulent makes it the perfect fit for this type of gardens. Patio gardens are generally hot and dry and succulent is known for tolerating such conditions.

As you have seen succulents are easy to grow and take care of. they are drought-resistant low maintenance plants. Yet, they are one of the most beautiful decorations both inside and outside your house.

We hope that you found this collection of outdoor and indoor succulent gardens interesting. If you have any inquiries, please comment on the post and we will be glad to answer them.

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