Best good-looking indoor vine plants to bring nature to your place.

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Best good-looking indoor vine plants to bring nature to your place.

Indoor plants are the best way to bring some nature to your house. They will bring life and joy to your indoor. Besides, they are much easier to look after. One of the best types of indoor decorative plants is vine plants. Indoor vine plants are a highly wanted and desirable ornament. They are beautiful and most of all they are easy to grow. Take a look at these beautiful indoor vine plants that will be definitely an admirable decor.

1. Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron

This vine plant is the perfect plant for beginner gardeners as it is the easiest plant to grow inside. It does not require much watering so make sure that the soil is completely dry before you water it. For best results, expose it for a moderate amount of light.

2. Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig

Creeping Fig is an ideal indoor vine plant to decorate any empty wall in your house. It is a delightful delicate plant that will create an exceptional appealing decor on your wall.

3. Ivy


Ivy is widely spread indoor vine plant. It is an extremely popular embellishment. Ivy is also an adaptable plant. It can be grown both in light and in shade.  One of the exceptional attributes of this plant is that its foliage remains green in all season.

4. Pothos


pothos are popular for their outstanding look. Pothos is a gorgeous small decorative vine plant that does not require a large space. It is so small that you could place it anywhere. It is also an easy to grow plant. You only need to provide it with moist soil and partial sunlight.

However, you should always keep it high away from your kids and pets as it is a poisonous plant.

5. Betel Leaf Plant

Betel Leaf Plant

This is the most popular and desired decorative vine houseplant for Eastern Asian countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. It is a versatile plant that is used in different fields including medicine. You will need to provide it with partial sunlight to survive.

6. Jasmine


This is the most fragrant vine plant. Although Jasmine is known for being grown outside, there are some varieties that perfectly grow indoor. Choosing the right variety depends heavily on your climate. There are some varieties that grow better in hot areas, others need a cold or moderate climate to survive.

This alluring fragrant flower will not only decorate your house but also will make it smell nice. There is nothing better than a pleasant smelling house. For growing Jasmin, you need to expose it daily to some hours of direct sunlight.

7. Arrowhead Plant


Arrowhead is an excellent decorative choice. It is an elegant vine plant that does not require constant care and maintenance. In fact, it only requires that you place it in a sunny spot and water it moderately. You should be careful not to overwater it because it is prone to roots rot.

8. Hoya


There is nothing better than fragrant flowers to adorn your house. Adding a beautiful decorative vine plant to your indoor is good, it brings nature to your place, but, adding a fragrant beautiful decorative vine plant is much better because it does not only bring nature but it also brings joy.

Hoya is a wonderful houseplant that will definitely bring nature, beauty, and joy to your house. It has a stunning beautiful foliage and a strong sweet smell. This plant is also a low-maintenance plant that only needs occasional watering.

9. String Of Pearls

String Of Pearls

This is one of the most beautiful succulent plant varieties. Just like the rest of the succulent varieties, this is a low-maintenance drought-resistant plant. This vine plant can grow in containers or in hanging baskets. There are a lot of flowers that you could use in hanging gardens for a beautiful decoration, check them out here.

However, if you are particularly interested in succulent plants, take a look at these stunning succulent garden ideas.

10. Black Eyed Susan Vine

Black Eyed Susan Vine

If you place this plant next to a window where it receives a lot of sunlight daily, it will thrive and grow to become a significant part of your indoor decor. It is an appealing plant that adds a golden look to your place.

11. Inch Plant

Inch Plant

This plant is known with a variety of names that include  “Wandering Jew” and “Purple heart”. It is an absolutely wonderful vine plant that will adorn your place and bring a unique touch of nature to it. You could grow this vine plant in containers or in hanging baskets. Either way, it will be a stunning addition to your indoor.

These are the best vine plants to add an extra beauty and charm to your house. These plants are low-maintenance plants. Besides they are easy to grow and easy to maintain. If you wish to learn more decorative ideas for your indoor, you may want to check indoor decorative ideas and these decorative flowering houseplants.

Enjoy your gardening and you are welcome to contact us if you need any information or advice.

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