The best 20 edible plants that grow successfully in water

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The best 20 edible plants that grow successfuly in water

Gardening does not necessarily mean soil and dirt. In fact, you can have a fruitful gardening experience without using soil.  If you are wondering how, the answer is easy, water gardening.  Believe it or not, there are some plants that grow in water perfectly.

Many houseplants and herbs grow are ideal to grow in water. In fact, growing plants in water is easier than growing them in the soil as you don’t have to worry about the quality of the soil and watering them. Besides, when you grow plants in water, success is guaranteed. In this post, we will provide with a full list of the best herbs and plants that grow in water.

1. Peppermint

growing Peppermint in water

This herb is extremely popular in medicinal uses. It is rich in the volatile substance menthol. It is known to cause a remarkable cooling sensation on the skin or tongue without affecting the temperature of the human body.  Besides, it is one of the easiest plants to grow in water. You will need to put the cutting in water and watch new plants grow.

2. Spearmint


This mint variety is related to the above one. Spearmint is a natural aquatic herb that grows best in water. In fact, this herb prefers to be grown in water rather than soil. Therefore, it is widely called water mint.

3. Oregano


Oregano is a well-known herb for its versatile uses whether in cooking or in medicines. It is popular for its aromatic flavor that can be added to kind of vegetables. Growing Oregano in water is easy. You just need to immerse an oregano cutting into a cup or glass of water and let it grow. Once it grows, you can start picking off its leaves.

4. Basil


Basil is one of the most popular herbs to grow indoors. It is also an excellent herb to grow in water pots. The best spot for growing basil in water is your kitchen. This herb loves warmth and sunlight exposure. Thus, placing it in a water pot next to your window kitchen will definitely yield the best results.

However, if you rather plant basil in the traditional way, here is a detailed guide that will help you through the process.

5. Sage


Sage is a popular plant in flavoring food. It is an extremely unique delicious flavor. Sage is among the herbs that do just fine growing in water. Growing sage in water has two requirements. You have to grow them in spring and you have to provide them with bright light. Fulfilling these two requirements will ensure a rewarding yield.

6. Stevia


Stevia is one of the best plants that grow in water. This exceptional sweet plant is widely added to teas and beverages. It contains a high amount of sugar that allows it to sweeten drinks. For growing this sweet plant successfully, you will need to provide it with warmth and a lot of sunlight to preserve its sweetness.

7. Lemon balm

Lemon balm

This herb belongs to the mint family. It is distinguished by its unique lemony scent. It is a versatile herb. One of its common uses is making tea by its leaves.  Lemon balm is a fast-growing herb. If you provide it with adequate growing conditions such as warmth and plenty of indirect sunlight, it will develop roots in 3 to 4 weeks.

Lemon balm is a delicate herb that can be easily attacked by white mildew. In order to avoid it, keep changing the water on a regular basis.

8. Tarragon


Tarragon is an ideal choice to grow herb. In fact, it can easily grow in water. Just like all the herbs mentioned in this article, Tarragon requires warmth and sunlight access. Tarragon is widely used in salads due to its health benefits.

9. Thyme


Thyme is a bit tricky in growing in water. The ultimate trick is to use a fresh cutting.  Old cuttings will face difficulties in sprouting roots. You should take the cutting between mid-spring and early summer. You should put your cutting in water as soon as possible otherwise its stem will dry out and it won’t grow.

10. Rosemary


For growing rosemary in water, you should opt for a spring cutting because semi-woody cuttings will take longer to develop roots. Rosemary is an excellent indoor herb. For maximum yield, you could grow it indoors in containers.

11.  Pothos


Pothos is widely grown in water. In fact, growing it in water is the best way to grow this plant. Use a fresh cutting, length does not really matter, but make sure to that 2-3 nodes are submerged in water. Provide it with warmth and bright light and everything will be great for your plant.

12. Arrowhead


Just like Pothos, you will need a fresh cutting of any size to grow this plant in water. Warmth and bright are necessary for the growth of this plant.

13. Philodendrons


Growing philodendrons in water is possible as long as you use an at least 6 inches cutting and strong enough container to hold such weight. You should always place it an adequate spot where it is able to receive plenty of bright sunlight.

14. Peace lily

Peace lily

This popular beautiful decorative plant can perfectly grow in water. If you are looking for an ornamental plant to decorate your place without involving soil and dirt, peace lily is an excellent choice. You could either choose a division or an entire plant to grow in a water bowl. Either way, make sure that you clean it up off dirt and soil first.

15. Lettuce


Lettuce is a popular plant. It is one of the best ingredients of the salad. It is both tasty and healthy. Lettuce can grow in water but definitely in bowls or cups. It needs a hydroponic system. If you have one, then lettuce is the easiest plant to grow in it. However, you can plant lettuce in water pots to keep them fresh for a long while.

You could learn how to make a hydroponic system by reading this article. 

16. Spinach


Spinach is not different from lettuce at all. They require the same growing conditions. In fact, you can grow spinach in the same way you grow lettuce. However, if you wish a detailed guide, follow these instructions on how to grow spinach successfully indoors. 

17. Tomatoes


Growing tomatoes in water require a hydroponic system. Although it may require some work, the results are worth the effort since growing tomatoes hydroponically yields the best results. For a detailed guide, take a look at this article for growing tomatoes hydroponically.

You could also learn how to grow tomatoes indoors in containers.

18. Peppers


You can grow peppers in water in the exact same you grow tomatoes.

19. Cucumbers

There are two main varieties of cucumbers, bush variety, and vine variety. Although both varieties can grow hydroponically, it is recommended that you grow the bush variety since the vine variety requires extra support.

20. Celery


Growing this lovable plant without soil and dirt is an extreme pleasure. It grows perfectly and it makes the task of cleaning the vegetables easier.

These are the best 20 edible plants that grow in water. Growing these plants in water is not only easy but it is also fruitful. You will be rewarded with a heavy fresh and clean yield. Besides, there are speculations that growing food in water is way better and healthier than growing it in the soil.

Enjoy growing your own food in water.

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