Quick And Legendary Ideas That Will Revive And Revitalize Your Garden

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1-Spring  Fiesta

is a great sample in terms of decoration that you can put on the table to beautify it as well as add some romantic and relaxing atmosphere during eating your meals it is very easy to make you just need to  Drop a peony bloom into a margarita glass and top it with a tea light.

2-Second Life for Tools

Only humans could lose their lives forever, other species such as plants could reach eternity, by giving them a second life, and here is an awesome sample in which the owner of the garden combined garden tools like twigs of a dead tree and climbing plants creatively, in order to shape a very beautiful tool, derived from a fast and fabulous idea that aims to enhance your garden.

3-Papasan Oasis

Instead of building a place for your garden table and chairs in which you can  relax and enjoy the beauty of your garden you can make a Papasan oasis which consists of a Papasan chair and a Papasan table  adding to them a base which serves as an innovative place to hang colored curtain panels,

4- Into the Looking Glass

Add a visual illusion to create deepness in your garden room by fixing a mirror in between plants. Just fasten it on a fence and watch how your space seems to double. this combination of the mirror and the plants will make a great natural view.

5-Frosty Luminaries

These hibernal votive candle holders are easy to make and add light to a snow-covered landscape. formed with tender plastic bottles, poinsettia leaves frozen in the form give holiday color and offer a greeting and enthusiasm glow to guests.











6-DIY Cold Frame

From a creative idea, you can transform what is worthless to something precious and valuable, through using a worn window add to it some reclaimed wood to complete the sides, then protect tender sprouts with style adding some decoration on the top and it will be ready for use any way it will not cost you much.

7-Hovering Saucer

A large saucer made of terracotta fixed at the top of a tomato cage serves as a birdbath you can paint the saucer in your favorite color but take into consideration the harmony between your garden‘s color and the saucer’s color.

8-Revive a Garden Bench

Give your worn bench which serves as a suitable perfect place for a collection of container plants a new life, through adding some wood on the top to complete the sides.

9-Revitalize a Path

You can make a wonderful path in the entrance of your garden with cheap and inexpensive materials such us some curved metal by which you can form an archway adorned with some flowers and climbing plants.

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