Shade-loving flowers: The most 20 beautiful flowers that grow in shades

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Having a shady garden or a shady does not necessarily mean that you have to grow foliage. In fact, there are many shade-loving flowers that you can grow to decorate your shady space. Planting shade-loving flowers will definitely bring colors to the dark corners of your garden or yard. Keep on reading to find out the most beautiful decorative flowers that you can grow in shades.

1. Bigroot Geranium

Bigroot Geranium

This is an extremely tough and colorful flower that grows in shady areas. Besides tolerating shades, this sturdy flower also tolerates heat. It flowers either in pink or road making your garden extremely bright and eye-catching.

2. Toad Lily

Toad Lily

Toad lily is a very beautiful low maintenance shade loving flower. It is distinguished by its remarkable flowers that look a lot like orchids.

3. Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart

Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart

This is one of the most popular shade-loving flowers. It got its name because in summer it develops pink or white flowers shaped like hearts hanging from its beautiful arching stem.

4. Lungwort


If you want to decorate your shady space with an extremely colorful flower, Lungwort is an excellent choice.  This beautiful flower has an alluring variegated foliage and flower clusters that come in blue, white and pink.

5. Yellow Corydalis

Yellow Corydalis

Besides being the longest shade-loving blooming flowers, Yellow Corydalis are extremely eye-grabbing. They have a very attractive yellow color that will make the darkest and shadiest gardens shine brightly.

6. Lamium


Lamium is a sturdy tough plant that can tolerate different growing conditions including shady areas. This flower is versatile. It could be used as a decorative garden flower or a ground cover. As a matter of fact, it is widely used as a beautiful small ground cover.  This flower blooms during the summer providing you with a delightful appealing ground cover.

7. Hellebore


Hellebore is also known as Christmas rose. Although it possess an extremely delicate appearance, this flower is very tough. Once it is established, it becomes almost indestructible. It is also a low maintenance flower.

8. Lilyturf


Lilyturf is a popular ornamental flower. It is loved for its grassy foliage and spikes of blue or white flowers in late summer. It is a beautiful shade-loving flower that does not require much attention and care.

9. Astilbe hybrids

astilbe hysbrids

They are very colorful shade-loving flowers. They come in pink, salmon, lavender, red, and white. They are usually used to decorate garden pools and shaded paths. They require a rich moist soil to grow and thrive.

10.  Amethyst flower

Amethyst flower

Amethyst flower is also called Browallia hybrids. It is considered one of the most beautiful shade-loving blue flowers. It is an extremely attractive flower that blooms in blue and sky blue, as well as violet and white. They can grow in gardens, containers and hanging baskets. They are an excellent decorative choice for shady or partially shady spaces.

11. Begonia


Begonia or Tuberous is a famous popular plant mainly used for indoor decorations. It blooms beautifully and it is a very flexible flower that can grow in any shady spot. They require regular watering to survive.

12. Dead Nettle

Dead Nettle

Although it is called dead nettle, this flower is pretty alive. It is a beautiful flower that grows perfectly in shades. It is commonly used in hanging baskets and containers.

13.  Caladium bicolor

Caladium bicolor

This flower is commonly known as Fancy-leafed caladium. It is a fancy decorative flower indeed. It is perfect to adorn indoor shady spaces. It requires a rich, well-drained soil as well as a large planter.

14. Abutilon hybrids

Abutilon hybrids

The common name of this beautiful flower is Flowering maple. It is distinguished by its maple-like green leaves and its colorful bloom. This beautiful flower blooms in yellow, white, pink, orange, and red dangle. There are two main varieties of Flowering maple which are the dwarf variety and the regular variety. The dwarf variety is perfect for indoor decoration whereas the regular variety is better grown outdoors.

15. Garden hydrangea

Garden hydrangea

This flower is considered by many gardeners the most decorative shade-loving flower for gardens. It is completely elegant and attractive. In some cultures, it is a royal flower. Although it is easy to grow, it requires a bit of attention and care. Pruning is necessary to keep its beautiful attractive shape and to control its size.

16. Heuchera


Heuchera or electric lime is an excellent choice to make your garden bright and shiny. It will definitely bring joy to the darkest corners of your garden or yard. This lovely shade loving plant is an excellent decorative choice and an ideal addition to your garden to make it brighter.

17.  Impatiens


Impatienses are famous shade-loving ornamental flowers.  They have remarkable large leaves and wide flowers that reach 3-inch-wide. They are also distinguished by their colors. They are extremely colorful and come in pink, lavender, purple, red, and more.  Moreover, Impatienses are popular because they are very low-maintenance and they don’t need much care.

18. Meadow rue

Meadow rue

Its scientific name is Thalictrum rochebrunianum. It is also known as Lavender Mist. Meadow rue is a lovable plant. It is beautiful, low-maintenance and tolerates shades. It is also a delicate plant that will add much charm and beauty to any garden.

19. Balsam


Balsam is a traditional ornamental flower. It is a relative to Impatiens. Just like its relative, balsam has a colorful blooming. It blooms in a large variety of colors. Balsam is a real low maintenance self-seeding flower. Once you plant it, it will provide you with several years of beautiful blooming. Balsam grows in shady or partially shady locations.

20.  Torenia


In some areas, it is more known as wishbone flower, Torenia is one of the most charming shade-loving flowers. It has a unique trumpet-shape that blooms in a range of shades varying from blues and purples to pinks and yellows. Besides, it is a very flexible flower. You can grow directly in your garden or in containers. It is also suitable for indoor decoration.

These are the best ornamental shade-loving flowers. Besides growing perfectly in shady sports, these flowers will make your garden colorful and attractive. If you are a flower person, you could also read about drought-tolerant flowers to adorn the sunny spots in your garden.

Enjoy adorning your garden and don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever needed more information.


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