The 3 Best Natural Ways To Keep Ticks Away From Your Garden

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You don’t have to use toxic pesticides to get rid of ticks and keep them out of your yard, especially if you have pets or children.

Ticks are not welcome guests in the backyard. Their bites can be quite painful, but they also carry a vast number of diseases. Ticks can carry a variety of diseases, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme disease, and a number of others.

Keeping their numbers under control is essential for all of the above reasons and more… However, many commercial pesticides that eliminate ticks also kill beneficial insects. Worse, they can be harmful to humans and pets if consumed or come into contact with their skin.

The good news is that ticks can be effectively controlled with a few organic, all-natural options. It’s not only that these pests can’t invade your backyard, but they can do it without the use of harsh or harmful chemicals.

Neem oil


Neem oil is an all-star performer when it comes to defending plants from pests and diseases of all kinds! Neem tree seeds are pressed into oil to create this all-natural treatment. In addition, it has a plethora of useful qualities spread across the landscape.

Fruit trees can be protected from scab, leaf spot, fungus, and more if they are sprayed with this product. In addition, it can be used to kill lawn grubs.

It’s not just neem oil’s antibacterial properties that make it useful. Aphids and whiteflies can also be controlled with this product, which is great for flowers and vegetables. Mosquitoes and fleas are also killed by it.

Not only that, but it also kills immature Japanese Beetles, preventing their development into adult insects. And, as you may have realized by this point, it also kills ticks!

Even while neem oil can kill a wide variety of insects, it has no effect on bees or butterflies, two of the most important pollinators on the planet.

How Does Neem Oil Keep Ticks Away?

When a tick is doused with neem oil, it becomes unable to breathe because of the oil. When this occurs, the tick ceases to operate and eventually dies.

Mix one gallon of water with six tablespoons of neem oil to get rid of ticks on your lawn. Add a teaspoon of olive or vegetable oil to the mixture and shake vigorously to assist the spray adhering to grass and plants.

A pump or backpack sprayer can be used to apply the mixture to lawns. Make certain that the entire lawn is evenly coated. In addition to eliminating ticks, this application can also clear your lawn of grubs, Japanese beetle larva, fleas and mosquito larvae in the grass!

If you want the optimum effects, you should reapply every month from late spring through early fall. If you don’t want to mess with making your own organic solution, you can buy pre-mixed neem oil sprays.

Eucalyptus Oil

Using eucalyptus oil has long been recommended for a wide range of ailments, from arthritis pain to muscle aches. Aside from being an anti-inflammatory and skin healing agent, the oil is also a powerful weapon in the battle against ticks!

Using Eucalyptus oil to keep ticks away while also killing them is a viable option. Using 30 drops of eucalyptus oil and 6 ounces of water, you may make an effective repellent spray.

Ticks are less likely to attach themselves to clothing and skin after being treated with this repellent. Using it on dogs is safe, but spray a tiny area first on both humans and pets because it can irritate some skin.

Add Eucalyptus oil to neem oil for an even stronger insecticide to keep them out of your yard and landscape.


Free-Range Chickens

A small flock of backyard chickens is one of the best and most successful ways to kill and remove ticks from your yard!

One of the best investments you can make is a small flock of backyard chickens. Their eggs and free manure are a great addition to any garden or compost pile, and they can help you keep ticks under control.


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