The best plants to grow in a raised bed: A list of the 5 best plants

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best plants to grow in raised beds

Growing plants in raised beds is becoming very popular and trendy because it is easier than growing plants in gardens. However, not all plants are fit to be grown in raised beds. You need to make a careful choice to make sure that you don’t  waste your time for nothing. Therefore, we provide you with the best plants to grow in a raised bed.

Most gardeners switched from traditional gardening to raised bed gardening. This movement is due to the fact that raised bed gardens are more efficient and more attractive than regular gardens.  Besides, they are so flexible that they can fit in all spaces.

Whether you have a big, small, or something in between space you want to garden, there’s a raised garden bed to fit your style, budget, and surely taste. All you need is to know which plants are best to grow in a raised bed. Luckily, they are available here, take a look.

1. Root plants

root vagatebles in raised beds

All root plants such as carrots, beets, radishes, and parsnips are ideal plants to grow in raised beds. They flourish in the loose, rock-free soil where they have space to spread out. It is completely crucial that you have complete control over the soil for growing plants for their soil.

Besides, raised beds are the only containers that you can fill with the perfect soil to meet the needs of these plants. You don’t have to worry about the quality of soil you will use for growing your plants because it is under your control.

For root plants, it is ideal that you use soil that is free of rocks, clay, and debris because these will harm the growth of roots or cause misshapen veggies.


LEAFY GREENS in raised beds

Leafy greens are definitely among the best plants to grow in a raised bed.  lettuce, spinach, and kale perform wonderfully in raised beds. As soon as you get a trowel into your soil, you should need to plant these cool weather crops.

Besides, raised bed soil warms more quickly than ground’s which means that you can plant these plants earlier and enjoy several great harvests before summer hits.

Additionally, the fact that leafy greens dislike soggy roots, makes them just perfect for raised beds. The quick draining soil in your raised beds means that your delicious spinach will never have to stand in the water for too long. You could learn more about growing spinach over here.

3. Onions

Raised beds commonly contain quick draining soil, a plenty of organic matter and they are perfect for a long growing season. These three factors make them ideal for planting Onions. Raised beds soil can be catered to meet any needs, thus, if you are going to plant onions, make sure you add a lot of compost.

If you are growing onion from seeds, it usually takes 100 days to reach maturity. Therefore, it is advisable that you give them the longest time in the garden you can manage. Besides, since The soil in a raised bed warms up much more quickly than the ground, you have a headstart of planting your onions early.

4. Tomatoes

 Tomatoes in raised beds

As we have mentioned in this detailed post about growing tomatoes in raised beds, tomatoes are heavy feeders. They need careful and constant feedings. Raising beds allow you to customize your soil to your needs, adding in extra compost as you fill the beds

5. Potatoes

Potatoes in raised beds

Every time we hear the word potatoes, french fries come in mind. This delicious nutritious plant is among the best plants to grow in a raised bed. Besides being easier to grow in raised beds, they are also easier to harvest when they are grown in raised beds.

Since these plants benefit from hilling soil around the shoots as they grow,  containing your hills, and even creating a bed that you can add to as your plants grow is an easy task when they are in a raised bed.

Additionally, as we mentioned that one of the advantages of growing plants in a raised bed is that you have complete control over your soil,  you can provide your potatoes with a loose, loamy, well-draining soil they need to grow better.

These are the best plants to grow in raised beds if you are a new gardener. They are easy to grow as well as easy to take care of. Don’t hesitate and start your raised bed garden. Raised beds always provide the best gardening experience.

Till next time, enjoy your gardening.



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