Why is it a good idea to wrap your feet in Aluminum foil?

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Aluminium foil is something that has been used by practically everyone. While many individuals may find it useful in the kitchen, we doubt that many would consider to use it as a body wrap. To be fair, though, that’s not a terrible plan! It may sound strange, but aluminum foil is surprisingly effective against common daily problems.


Catching a bad cold? There’s no need to put up with it any longer. How? Wrap your feet with five to seven layers of aluminum foil. Keep them on for one hour. Then unwrap your feet, let them air out for an hour, and rewrap them in foil. Ideally, you’d do this every night before bed. In just two nights, you will feel the difference.



Here’s one more trick involving aluminum foil; this time it will help you rest better when you’re exhausted. Freeze a couple of sheets of foil for two to four hours. Put the sheets on your face, focusing on your eyelids and cheeks, and leave them on for ten minutes. Sit down in a chair or on the couch and you’ll feel the tension melt away as the foil soothes your skin.

Note: It’s true that aluminum foil can assist with minor aches and pains, but it’s not a substitute for actual medical care. Before attempting any home remedies, consult with a doctor and continue to take any prescriptions given by your doctor.



Wrapping your joints in foil may help relieve pain as well. A bandage will help keep the foil in place. Make sure the foil stays on the painful joint all night by wrapping it around it before bed. Maintain this routine for the next seven nights.

Extra Advantages

  • Before we get into the benefits of aluminum foil foot wraps, let’s discuss some other wonderful uses for it that you might not have considered.
  • Do you require a funnel yet find yourself without one? Don’t worry! Simply create a funnel form using aluminum foil by folding it. Also, you won’t have to go out and buy a new one because this one won’t leak. What a perfect solution!
  • Aluminum foil is an excellent emergency ironing option. If you need to iron an item of clothing fast but don’t have much time, you can do so by folding it around a sheet of foil. The foil will allow you to iron both sides of the garment simultaneously. It’ll get done in a lot less time.
  • Tossing out dull scissors is unnecessary. Simply use some aluminum foil! Cut up some aluminum foil using the scissors. With the foil, the scissors will get sharp again.
  • Clothing that attracts static is a major source of annoyance. Luckily, this problem has a simple solution. Convert a sheet of foil into a ball and use it to scrub your garments. You won’t have to worry about static cling any more.
  • Having issues because of a weak WiFi signal? Make a screen from aluminum foil and mount it on a wall in the area where you need the signal to be stronger. The signal will be stronger in the screen’s direction.

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