You Should Never Keep These 10 Poisonous Plants in Your Home

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What factors do you consider when selecting plants for your yard or indoor space? Do you choose them for their aesthetic value or their practicality? Color or size? How do you decide which plants to bring into your home? Do you conduct a study or simply buy whatever strikes your fancy at the time? Whatever method you use to select your plants, you need to be cautious of potentially harmful plants; there are some plants that you should not have at home.

We’ve compiled a list of plants you should never bring inside your house.

Caladiums: Are They Toxic?

Why do the most attractive plants always seem to be the ones you can’t keep in your own garden? Caladiums, sometimes known as elephant’s ears or angel’s wings, are a common sight in residential gardens. Most horticulturists will recommend this plant if you’re looking for a splash of color because of the range of colors it comes in, which include red, pink, and white.

To make matters worse, it has been determined that every portion of this plant is poisonous to both people and animals. The mouth, lips, tongue, and throat can burn and swell if you swallow it. It can cause death by blocking the airways, which can make breathing difficult.


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