You’re a Woman Over 40 and Want to Get in Shape? Do These 5 Simple & Effective Exercises

2 min

Effective workouts for women over 40

Getting in shape becomes more of a challenge as we age, especially after the age of 40, when it’s common to worry that we’ll never be able to undo the effects of pregnancy on our bodies.

This article will introduce a 5-exercise routine designed specifically for women over 40. Your muscle strength, muscle size, muscle tone, and bone density will all benefit from this workout. Women who are particularly concerned about their risk of osteoporosis and bone fragility may benefit significantly from the exercise.



First, get into a plank posture and work your way up to a standing position. To continue, jump into the air, bring your arms above your head, and then land back in the plank position. You should complete 10 repetitions of this exercise as rapidly as possible.

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