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living structures are functional or artistic creations made of living plants. They grow and thrive making a spectacular view. They are also practical. They protect you from burning sunlight and provide a safe place for your kids to play in the garden. Take a look at these beautiful examples of living structures to install one in your garden. Each living structure below comes with a tutorial to teach you how to create it.

1 & 2. Domes and Teepees

One of the most useful living structures is small houses. They are adorable and they are the best way to provide your children with an entertaining space in your garden. You could learn how to create the above living structure at Creative Willow

A tree dome is also an excellent living structures. It provides shade in a hot a summer and it does not occupy a large space. However, it takes sometime to grow. For further information, you are kindly asked to visit Kids Creations 

Free building plan for a gorgeous DIY friendly arbor / pergola: it will add so much beauty to an outdoor space. Step by step drawings and lots of photos! - A Piece of Rainbow

3, 4 &5. Magical tunnels

These pathways are among the most beautiful pathways I have ever seen. The reason why these pathways are gorgeous is the fact that they are covered with a fragrant living structure. (Source: 3 | 4 | 5 )

6 & 7. Have a seat!

Living structures could be anything you want it to be. It could be a sofa or a chair. Believe me, living structures make the best seats. They are comfortable and healthy for your back. ( Source: 6 | 7 )

Ultimate collection of 25 most DIY friendly & beautiful garden path ideas and very helpful resources from a professional landscape designer! - A Piece of Rainbow

8, 9 &10. Easy DIY Tunnels

You could also create a tunnel out of living structures. It is totally creative and decorative.  ( Source: 8 |  9 | 10)

11. Ocotillo Fence

Amazing Living Structures | A Piece of Rainbow

Ocotillo plants are known to be extremely sturdy plants. Thus, they are perfect to create a fence to protect your premises. Having a living fence will decorate your garden and make it safer. (  source)

12. Willow Fence

Amazing Living Structures | A Piece of Rainbow

This is another example of how beautiful and charming living fences are. ( source )

Amazing Living Structures | A Piece of Rainbow

apieceofrainbow-32 (1)

apieceofrainbow31 (55)

These are the best living structures that you could create in your garden. They don’t need a lot of time, neither a lot of effort and they are extremely useful. Tell us which one intrigued you the most and If you ever needed any help to create it, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy gardening.


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