10 Funny Garden Designs That Will draw a smile on your face

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Some gardeners love humor and they want to add their own sense of humor to their garden. The results are usually hilarious. As a matter of fact, some gardens will make burst into laughter once you see them. In this post, we included 10 Funny garden designs that will definitely draw a smile on your face.

If you have an old shoe that you are emotionally attached to it and you refuse to throw it away, here is a hilarious way to use it. I know this looks ridiculous but it is quite effective, 

This sheep is cute. It is also nicely done, it almost looks real. This is a humorous way to decorate your garden. This sheep obviously serves as the centerpiece of this garden. I wonder, how real does it look from a far distance? 

Well, I find it difficult to describe this garden. I don’t really know whether it is funny or absurd. But, one thing for sure, it is unique. I don’t really recommend that you duplicate such a design in your place, but, at least now you have seen one of the weirdest gardens.






This is a funny garden design that you could definitely duplicate. The alligator is cute and hilarious. The way it is laughing will definitely make anyone smiles. If you have kids, this is a nice idea to cheer them up.













This garden is the perfect example that extreme cases need extreme measures. If you lack space to add more plants in your garden, just use some of your pants, it is not a big deal!








This garden gave pruning a new meaning. Pruning is no longer pinching off branches and sackers, but rather giving your plant a new original and extremely hilarious shape.

I hope you found these 10 Funny Graden Designs amusing and fun. Tell us which one you found the funniest.












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