12 Astonishing DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens you must see

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12 Astonishing DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens

Rain gutters are truly underestimated. Although they are very useful, most gardeners never think about recycling and repurposing them. One of the best uses of rain gutters is to use them for vertical gardening. They can be hung vertically and used as planters. They don’t occupy any space and they will provide you with an extra gardening space. Besides, they are very good planters. As planters, they are both effective and decorative. Therefore, in this post, we will display 13 Astonishing DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens that will definitely encourage you to recycle and repurpose your Rain gutters.

1. Rain Gutters as Fence Decoration

12 Astonishing DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens

Rain gutters are ideal to decorate your fence with. They are not heavy and they can be easily attached to any kind of fence whether it is made of aluminum or wood. This way will allow you to grow many plants such as herbs, greens, and annuals.

If you wish to dress up your fence with a Rain gutter, you should follow these instructions.

2. PVC Hanging Gutter Garden

This vertical Rain gutter garden will allow you to grow many plants and decorate your front door at the same time. Besides, it is not complicated to create it. All you need to do is to follow this guide and you will have this amazing inexpensive vertical garden.

3. DIY Rain Gutter Garden

12 Astonishing DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens

This is one of the most effective budget-friendly vertical Rain gutter gardens. It offers you a great way to grow many plants even if you don’t have any gardening space. To learn how to create this beautiful vertical garden, please read these instructions.

4. Self Watering Rain Gutter Garden

If you are busy and you are afraid that you may not have time to take care of your plants, this self-watering Rain gutter garden will solve your problem. Besides not occupying any space, this vertical garden does not require any attention and care. Once you plant your plants, this hydroponic Rain gutter garden will take care of your plants instead of you.

If you are interested in this idea, please check out this informative article that will provide you with all the necessary tips and information to create this beautiful Rain gutter garden. You could also read about self-watering planters in this article.

5. Vertical Kitchen Gutter Garden

12 Astonishing DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens

This Rain gutter garden is perfect to establish in your kitchen. It will bring nature to your place which is amazing as well as make it easier for you to take care of your plants. It is ideal for growing lettuce, spinach, and herbs. A detailed guide for creating this vertical garden can be found here.

6. DIY Gutter Garden

This is another beautiful low maintenance Rain gutter garden. This vertical garden is an excellent way to decorate your fence and make it look alive. A step-by-step guide to creating this beauty is available at Hometalk.com.

7. Gutter Garden on Deck

12 Astonishing DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens

This idea is perfect for people who have a limited space. You could create a gutter garden on your porch or balcony’s deck. It will allow you to grow a lot of plants as well as decorate your space with beautiful greens. The best part is that this idea is so easy to duplicate. Just follow these tips and you will have this gutter garden in no time.

8. Hanging Vertical Gutter Garden

This is definitely one of the most alluring and decorative DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens. This hanging gutter garden, besides permitting you to grow lots of plants, it will adorn your place beautifully. Creating this adorable gutter garden is really easy, just follow these steps and you will successfully have your own ornamental hanging gutter garden.

9. Strawberry Gutter Garden

12 Astonishing DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens

It is known that growing strawberries is not an easy task since these delicious fruits are very delicate. However, growing them in a gutter garden will make this task easier. Gutter gardens, unlike ground gardens, are kept away from pests, diseases, and animals. Thus, they are a better growing environment for strawberries. If you wish to learn how to create a strawberries gutter garden, please read this tutorial.

10. Hanging Herb gutter Garden

Obviously, this is one of the most elegant and attractive DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens. One of its best features is that it is mobile. You could place wherever you want. You could put it on your balcony, kitchen, patio or even backyard. Her Tool Belt will provide with a full tutorial on creating this productive herb gutter garden.

11. Polka Dot 3-Tier Gutter Planter

12 Astonishing DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens

This is definitely a remarkable gutter garden. It is completely cute and charming. This beautiful gutter garden will make you love gardening. It perfect for growing some plants and decorating your outdoor space. To creative this creative eye-catching vertical garden, please follow this detailed guide.

12. Rain Gutter Centerpiece

12 Astonishing DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens

Although this idea is quite simple, it is undoubtedly one of the most creative and decorative ideas. Besides giving you a gardening space to grow some plants, this idea allows you to decorate your tabletop in a very unique and beautiful way.

This gutter garden serves as the centerpiece of the tabletop. It makes this table not only natural but also appealing and attractive. You could add some candles to the table and it will be a perfect table for having a romantic dinner. The tutorial for this gutter garden is available here.

These are the best and the most Astonishing DIY vertical Rain Gutter Gardens. All the above gutter gardens are provided with tutorial and instruction on how t create them. Therefore, it would be easy for you to establish them in your place.

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