The most beautiful 28 vertical garden ideas for limited space

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The most beautiful 28 vertical garden ideas for limited space

Having no space for gardening is a major problem for many gardening lovers. Many gardeners are faced with the problem of not having enough space to practice their hobbies of growing plants. Therefore, this post aims at providing them with different ideas that will help them overcome the space issue by displaying The most beautiful 28 vertical garden ideas for limited space. Scroll down and take a look at these amazing ideas.

1. Terracotta Pot Holder Pallet Planter

Pallet board offers you a solution for your space problem. Hanging your containers on a pallet board will provide you with an adequate space to practice gardening. Besides, it will allow you to have a beautiful elegant vertical garden. It is a creative idea to create some gardening space.

2. DIY Kiddie Pool Planter

This is one of the easiest and the most inexpensive ways to create some space for gardening. This Kiddie Pool Planter is perfect to plant any kind of plants. If you wish to learn to build this practical planter, please follow this detailed guide.

3. Modern Outdoor Planter

This vertical garden idea is perfect for people who live in modern houses. This way will preserve your house’s modernity while allowing you to grow some of your favorite plants. Moreover, it is extremely low maintenance. The Apartment Therapy provides with a full tutorial to duplicate this idea.

4. Hanging Shoe Storage Bag Vertical Planter

There is no need to say that this is one of the most expensive vertical garden ideas for limited space. It is not only inexpensive, but it is also easy to create. Visit the Instructables to learn how to establish this garden in your place.

5. Pallet Vegetable Garden

This is an ideal idea to create a space for gardening and to bring nature to your place too. What I love the most about this DIY pallet garden is that it is extremely ornamental. You could place it on your balcony or inside your house, it depends on the kinds of plants you are growing. The Apartment Therapy has a full detailed on how to create this beautiful vertical garden.

6. Vertical Window Box Garden

This is a decorative idea that will create enough space for you to grow some plants. This idea gives you more beauty than gardening space. Yet, it remains one of the best solutions for limited spaces. If you are intrigued by this idea, you could learn how to duplicate it at

7. Urban Vegetable Garden

This is a simple but effective idea that will allow you to practice gardening even if you have a really tight space. To learn more about this idea, please visit Instructables.

8. Cinder Block Succulent Planters

This is another cinder DIY project that you will find amusing and fruitful. This project will allow you to grow some plants but most of all it will allow you to beautifully adorn your place. Just take a look at the picture, wouldn’t you like to have that? I definitely would. This project is brought to you by the hunted interior. Go there and you will find the full tutorial.

9. DIY Tiered Herb Garden

We have already mentioned this vertical garden in one of our previous posts. It is definitely one of the best vertical garden ideas for limited space. The tutorial for this garden is available at

10. DIY Stacked Herb Garden

This cute small vertical gardener is an excellent choice if you have a space problem. It is so beautiful that will decorate your place and it is so small that you could place it anywhere. Perhaps, the only issue is that is fit to grow herbs more than any other plants due to its small size. You could learn how to create this amazing garden here.

11. Pallet Board Planter Holder

Repurposing your old pallet and transform it into a planter is one of the best ideas to overcome limited gardening space problems. You could also paint it to harmonize with your place’s color. For more information, check out this informative post.

12. Recycled Bottle Hanging Planters

Recycling used soda bottles is one of the most creative vertical garden ideas for limited space. It is also the most inexpensive way to create a gardening space. A Beautiful Mess provides you will the required information to create this inexpensive vertical garden.

13. DIY Vertical Trellis Wall

This vertical trellis wall is simply amazing. It is apt to grow lots of plants besides being extremely decorative. This trellis wall definitely represents one of the most splendid vertical garden ideas for limited space. If you are interested in creating this beautiful oasis, you should read these instructions.

14. Colorful Pallet Vertical Garden

This beautiful colorful vertical garden would be an extremely lovely addition to any yard or to any outdoor space. It is completely adorable and eye-grabbing. It will definitely make your outdoor space remarkable. Visit A Beautiful Mess to have all the required tips to create this adorable vertical garden.

15. DIY Herb Wall Kitchen Garden

Growing herbs in your garden is always amsuing and ravishing but having such a vertical garden to grow herbs in, will definitely give you an amazing gardening experience. Besides growing herbs, this vertical garden is obviously made to embellish your kitchen. This lovely garden is suitable for modern kitchens. To see the full tutorial on creating this beauty, please visit Kitchn.

16. DIY Vertical Plants Wall

This vertical garden is one of the best gardens in this list. Although it is not easy to duplicate this project, I encourage you to try to because this project is a good and a fruitful investment of your time.  Take a look at this informative post that will provide with all the instructions you need to recreate this lovely garden.

17. Vegetable Gutter Garden

Most of the above vertical garden ideas for limited space are fit to grow herbs and fruits, however, this idea will allow you to grow veggies. All the instructions you need to create this vegetable garden can be found here.

For more creative and ornamental gutter garden ideas, please check out this post.

18. Window Shutter Micro Urban Garden

This is absolutely the most innovative vertical garden ideas for limited space. This gardener is a very clever gardener to use his window shutters as a planter. If this idea has triggered your curiosity, follow this link to get more information about it.

19. DIY Vertical Planter

This is a quite simple vertical planter that does require neither much time nor much effort. The full tutorial for this low maintenance vertical garden is available at the Instructables.

20. Vertical Succulent Column

This is the kind of vertical gardens that make you say WOW! This column will not only solve your gardening space problem but also will make your entire garden stunning. It will serve as the centerpiece of any garden. it will bring so much charm and beauty to your garden.

I should mention that you could grow other plants instead of succulents in this vertical garden. You could even grow edible plants. If you want to learn how to build this attractive planter, follow these instructions.

21. Backdoor Tiered Herb Garden

This herb garden as it is demonstrated in the picture above does not require much space. However, you need to place it in a spot where it receives full sunlight. Herbs can grow in partial sunlight though. To learn more about this herb garden, take a look at this informative post.

22. Fruit Basket Vertical Planter

Well, clearly, this idea is more decorative than practical. This basket vertical planter will allow you grow plants but not as much as you want. However, it is a nice ornament for any room, office, and table. Visit Brit for more details.

23. Balcony Garden with Vertical Planters

I love this balcony garden and I bet my life that all of you love this amazing garden. It looks like heaven. You can plant whatever you want in this balcony garden. However, most importantly it is extremely beautiful and ornamental. If you want to transform your dull balcony into a similar alluring balcony garden, all you need to do is to read this article.

24. Hanging Gutter Planter with Stand

This lovely elegant gutter garden will definitely increase your gardening space. Besides, it is movable so you could move it around any time you want to. To learn how to build this gutter planter, please visit  Her Tool Belt.

25. Vertical Salad Garden

For salad lovers, this is the ultimate way to overcome your space problem and start growing your own food. This lovely beautiful garden occupies no space at all. Besides, it is extremely productive. The Apartment Therapy will provide you with a full detailed guide on how to create this lovely salad garden.

26. Dresser Drawers Vertical Vegetable Planter

It is not every day that we get to see a dresser drawer repurposed into a vegetable planter. Certainly, we don’t get to see it anywhere too. Only gardendiyideas will bring such creative and innovative ideas. If you wish to learn how to transform your old rustic dresser drawer into a vegetable garden, take a look at this post.

27. DIY Vertical Herb Garden

This is a perfect idea for gardeners who are looking for elegance and beauty. This herb garden is perfect for both modern and antique houses. It will decorate any wall it is hung on. Besides, it does not occupy any ground space thus it is a perfect choice for gardeners who don’t have any space left for gardening. The tutorial for creating this vertical garden is available here.

If you wish to learn about the best herbs that grow indoors, please take a look at this article.

28. Genius Vertical Gardening Project

This creative vertical garden is very flexible. It could be placed anywhere. You could place it on your balcony, in your yard, on a porch and so on and so forth. Besides, among all the vertical gardens in this post, this one is the best when it comes to the number of plants you can grow. It is apt to hold as many plants as you want. Go to Good Housekeeping to get more information and tips on this amazing vertical garden.

These are The most beautiful 28 vertical garden ideas for limited space. I hope you have found what you are looking for in this list. Don’t forget to share our posts with your friends to show us your support. Meanwhile, enjoy gardening your limited space!

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