9 Best Secret Spots to Store Things in Your Home

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You probably keep your passport, jewelry, cash, and other valuables in a safe at home, such a drawer in your nightstand.

Even though valuables may be secure in a closed safe, it is generally possible to break into safes, even those that require a password or key to open.

As a result, they may just steal the whole safe and worry about breaking into it later.

If you’re worried about the safety of your valuables, you might want to put them in one of these 9 hidden locations.

Kitchen Cabinets

There are some items, such as a physical will or an emergency fund, that are best kept in a secure but out-of-the-way location because they may be unused for weeks, months, or even years. One location is above the kitchen cabinets. From a ladder, you might be able to see a half-inch space between the ceiling and the tops of any hanging cabinets.

Put your important documents and items in a manila folder. The next step is to use two large binder clips to keep the envelope from falling into the gap, or to attach a string to the envelope for later retrieval. Now, simply insert the envelope into the gap.


Wall Decorations

Wall decor, such as paintings, mirrors, and picture frames, can be used to conceal valuables.

Using some tape and an envelope, you can turn any decorative wall hanging into a secure hiding place for cash, jewelry, or other valuables.

The depth of a wooden frame is particularly useful for hiding things, however any framed wall element will do. Carefully remove the backing paper and slip money or valuables into the space between the painting and the frame.

Objects may even be able to be hidden between an image and the backing if they are thin enough.

To uncover the hidden cash or other valuables, would-be burglars would have to choose the right photo and remove the dust cover from the picture frame.


False Books/Cans

The practice of making hidden compartments out of everyday objects has been used successfully for decades. Consider hollowing out a book to create a little storage compartment within the pages, so that it looks entirely normal unless taken from the shelf and opened.

This is especially useful if you have a few shelves of books within your home.

A clean, empty container is another convenient storage option. Open the top of the can with a smooth-edged can opener so it fits back in place after opening. Storing valuables in a can that looks like any other food can in the pantry or cabinet is a great way to hide them.



Many people’s freezers are always jam-packed and inconveniently full of frozen pizzas, leftovers, and frozen sweets.

Cash and other valuables are safe in the freezer because adding another container there won’t usually attract the attention of criminals.

Make sure both the container and the contents can withstand being frozen without being damaged.


Tennis Ball/ Soccer Ball

You can make a hidden compartment out of a tennis ball or soccer ball by modifying it, much like you would a book or an empty container.

In spite of having their shape altered, tennis balls may still be used normally, and the presence of a slit in the middle makes it look no different from any other ball. A roll of currency or small items like earrings or a ring could fit in here.

However, you might use a soccer ball for heavier objects. You may easily make a hole in the ball large enough to slide in your belongings by cutting along one seam. By slicing along the seam, the hole is hidden and the ball seems normal to the naked eye.


Drop Ceiling

A drop ceiling is a convenient place to conceal small, easily transported goods, and is found in many finished basements, laundry rooms, and utility rooms.

Dropped ceiling panels are held in place by slim metal rafters. A lightweight package, such as an envelope, bag, or even a tiny box, can be concealed in the space above a drop ceiling by simply lifting a panel.

You shouldn’t keep anything too heavy up there since it could fall through the ceiling. Make a note of which panel is hiding the goods so you may quickly retrieve them later.



If someone wants to steal your things, hiding them in a drawer probably won’t help. Instead, you can use the space behind a drawer to tape a sealed envelope containing your money, documents, or other valuables to the back of the drawer.

If the drawer slides out too easily, risking to reveal the envelope, attach it to the underside of the counter, dresser, or bedside table so it remains out of sight even with the drawers gone.


Out-Of-Season Clothing

It’s unlikely that a burglar will go through a person’s closet in search of goods, but it doesn’t mean they won’t do it.

You might put your valuables in an envelope and hide it in the pocket of an old blazer. Depending on the season, you might store valuables in summer clothes during the winter and winter clothes during the summer.

The ability to conceal valuables with the help of concealed pockets is a plus.


Suitcase Safe

Small home safes can become a prime target for savvy burglars, so it’s best to use a larger commercial safe for your valuables.

They can usually be picked up and carried away without much effort. Consider placing valuables in the safe and concealing it within empty luggage to help secure assets from criminals without sacrificing the fire protection provided by a home safe.


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