20 Beautiful low growing ground cover plants for gardens and yards

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20 low growing ground cover plants for gardens and yards

Low growing ground cover plants are a solution for many landscape problems. However, choosing the ground cover plants could be an obstacle. You will need a ground cover that will survive the climate of your area. Many gardeners fail to grow a beautiful ground cover because they didn’t make the right choice.

In this post, we will provide you with a selection of low growing ground cover plants that can survive in both sunny and shady spots. Besides this selection contains options for light, moderate and heavy traffic. It also contains some low growing ground cover drought-tolerant plants if you live in an extremely hot area. Check them out.

1. Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox

If you are looking for an extremely low growing ground cover plant, this is a perfect choice. These flowers will exceed 6 inches tall. They also come in a large variety of colors that include white, purples, blues, and pinks. Most of all, these are a blooming flower that will make your ground marvelous.

2.  Thyme


Besides being an extremely beautiful ground cover, Thyme is one of the most fragrant flowers. Thus, it will not make your landscape just beautiful but also pleasant smelling. That is definitely a lovely combination.

3. Brass Buttons

Brass Buttons

This plant is neither famous nor known. Although being one of the best ground covers, many gardeners haven’t heard of it. It is a sturdy plant that can tolerate traffic. You could walk on it.

4. Ajuga


Ajuga is a beautiful low growing ground cover plant that reaches a maximum height of 6 inches. The plant has a unique foliage that ranges from chocolate-purple foliage to ‘Chocolate Chip’ to the reddish-bronze foliage of ‘Rubra’.

5. Lamium


Lamium is a great choice if you are looking for a low-maintenance ground cover. Although it is considered a low growing ground cover, it may reach 8 inches tall. This beautiful plant blooms in summer in white or pink. What makes this plant a beautiful ground cover is its great silver foliage that will definitely brighten up your yard.

6. Golden Moneywort

 Golden Moneywort

This is one of the lowest growing ground cover plants. Golden Moneywort is known for its fast -spreading which makes it a perfect choice for covering a vast ground in little time. It has an alluring golden foliage that will definitely make any shade colorful.

7. Bunchberry


Bunchberry is a cute low growing plant that serves as a charming ground cover. They are not just a covering plant but also a very decorative plants. Like most of the plants in this list, they don’t exceed 6 inches tall.

8. Vinca


Although Vinca it is not really a low growing ground cover plant, it is definitely one of the best. Theis adorable plants grow up to 8 inches tall. It is known for being a sturdy plant that tolerates poor soil quality. It is also popular because it is an excellent decoration for any yard.

One of the best beautiful features of this plant is that its different colors including white, purple and pink, add a colorful accent to any greens.

9. Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger

Wild ginger is among the fast growing and fast spreading cover grounds. It can cover a large ground in no times. Besides, it is a tough plant that can tolerate harsh conditions. Wild Ginger is best known for its specular leaves in the shape of a heart. This beautiful ground cover won’t grow taller than 4 inches.

10. Pachysandra


This is an ideal choice if your ground does not get a lot of sunlight. Pachysandra grows and thrives best in shady spots. This plant usually takes few seasons to completely grow but once it does it becomes absolutely sturdy. It will endure neglect and abuse.

11. Sedum


Sedum is an excellent choice for sunny areas. It is a low maintenance plant that resists drought and requires direct exposure to sunlight. It also blooms beautifully in gold during summer giving you a shinning ground. This plant won’t exceed 3 inches tall. However, there are taller varieties so make sure you opt for the right variety.

12. Hens-and-Chicks

Hens and chicks

It is the lowest growing plant among the succulent varieties. In fact, it does not grow taller than 4 inches. Similar to the rest of succulent varieties, it is an extremely low maintenance plant. Hens and chicks is an excellent choice to cover rock gardens, stone gardens, and sidewalks.

13. Soapwort


Although it is not widely used nor widely known, Soapwort is one of the best and the most low-maintenance ground cover plants. the “Max Frei” variety is the lowest growing variety among this family. This plant is extremely sturdy and it perfectly tolerates heat and humidity.

14. Barren Strawberry

Barren Strawberry

Barren Strawberry originates mainly from eastern North America. It is a popular low growing ground cover plant that does not grow more than 1 foot tall. They are popular because of their yellow eye-catching flowers and unique strawberry-like foliage.

15. Prostrate Veronica

Prostrate Veronica

This is another beautiful ground covering plant that reaches a maximum height of 1 foot. It has an absolutely alluring blue flower that will adorn your ground and make it charming.

16. Bloody Cranesbill

If you are looking for an extremely low-maintenance and low growing ground cover plant, yet it must be beautiful and attractive, well then Bloody Cranesbill is what you have been looking for. This amazing plant’s foliage takes a bright red color during fall that makes it look bloody. However, you need to be patient with this plant. It spread slowly, thus, it may take time to cover your ground.

17. Snow-in-Summer


Snow in summer is a mind-blowing and a breathtaking low growing ground cover plant. This adorable cute plant has a crystalline white flower and a beautiful silvery foliage that make it an exceptional cover to any ground. It will make your ground look like it is covered with snow in the middle of the summer. It is perfect to use for a stone wall, patio, or garden border.

18. Creeping Buttercup

Creeping Buttercup

If you want to brighten up your garden, this is an excellent low growing ground cover plant. It will cover your garden while giving it a unique bright look. This plant will not grow taller than 3 inches. Besides, it is a real tough plant.

19. Spotted Dead Nettle

Spotted Dead Nettle

Its scientific name is Lamium maculatum. It is one of the most remarkable low growing ground cover plants. It is praised for its naturally engraved foliage and its heavy clusters of flowers. It is also a colorful plant that contains different colors including white, pink and purple.

Another exceptional feature of this plant is that it is a highly adaptable plant that can grow and thrive in different zones and different climates. However, many gardeners consider this plant as invasive and categorize it under the weed varieties.

20. Portulaca


Portulaca is widely known as the moss rose. One of the most fabulous decorative flowers for ground covering. This colorful low growing ground cover plant will definitely make your garden stunningly beautiful. It will bloom in many colors including yellow, pink, red, white, orange and many other colors. Most of all, this cute delicate looking flower is among the toughest ground covering plants. It tolerates poor conditions and neglect.

These are the best 20 low growing ground cover plants. The plants in this article are different in nature and size. Some of them are best grown in a hot area, others are suitable for cold areas. Choose what fits your zone best.

Enjoy covering your ground and if you have any further inquiries we are eager to hear from you.

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