A Victoria’s Secret Model Reveals Her Six Favorite Body-Sculpting Exercises

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You may recognize Joe Holder, a Nike trainer and health consultant, from the “mystery man” photos of Bella Hadid wearing activewear or from Georgia Fowler’s Snapchats from the gym in Shanghai, taken just before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s also possible that his inspiring morning mantras, #PlantBasedGang food shots, and fitness advice on everything from elbow alignment while running to new twists on the classic pull-up caught your eye on Instagram.

In this article we will show Holder’s six favorite full-body exercises, from a step with a resistance band to a plank that works the core.

Raise, Lunge, and Scoop

Start by standing up straight with your feet about shoulder-width apart and a dumbbell in your right hand. Step forward with your right foot. Once you have control, bring your right arm forward as you hinge and up over your head as you bring your left leg forward to meet your right leg. Make sure to perform three sets of eight reps on each side.


Squat to Rotational Press

Stand tall with your feet about shoulder-width apart. If you need to, you can slightly point out your toes and hold the dumbbell in your right hand. Drop down into a squat with a tall chest and careful knees that don’t cave in. As you move back to the starting position, pivot on your right foot, turn your body to the left, and press the dumbbell above your left shoulder. Make sure to complete three sets of ten reps on each side.


Band Side Steps to Hop

Put a resistance band over your knees and put your feet about shoulder-width apart in front of you. If needed, the toes can be turned in just a little bit. In a quarter- to half-squat position, start to side step. Keep your weight on the band and make sure your knees don’t cave in. Walk ten steps. While staying in a squat position, hop in and out 10 times. Do it again in the opposite direction. Go five times in each direction.


Hip Drop to Side Plank to Knee Drive

Start in a low side plank on your right side with your left arm bent. Drop hip toward the ground and lift it back up while squeezing glutes. Once you’re stable, lift your left leg and bring your left elbow toward your left knee. Make sure to complete three sets of ten reps on each side.


Stand-Up Spider

Place your hands on the ground and walk them out until you’re in a high plank position. Bring the right foot to the outside of the right hand, with the right knee bent and the left leg straight. It’s still important to keep both hands on the floor. Turn the right hand up toward the ceiling and toward the bent leg. Return your right hand to the ground.. Bring your left foot up in front of your left hand and start to let go of your hands so you end up in a squat. Get back on your feet. Try to do 10 reps on each side, twice.


Mountain Climber to Skier

Start in a high plank position, making sure your hips don’t sag. Start pulling each knee toward each elbow, one at a time. After 10 seconds, jump your feet toward your left hands, then your right hands. Do three pers.


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