Popular but Ineffective Methods for Getting rid of Cockroaches

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Cockroaches can be a major problem in both residential and commercial settings. Crawling insects like cockroaches and ants are not only unpleasant to look at, but also a potential health risk because of the diseases they carry and the allergic reactions they can cause.

When people first see cockroaches in their homes, they often turn to a few different DIY roach control methods in an effort to get rid of them. The problem is that many of the most common home cures for cockroaches have only temporary effects and often lead to a new infestation.

Here are a few of these remedies and how well they work.

Fabric softener

It’s often believed that cockroaches can be killed by applying fabric softener, as it clogs their pores and causes them to suffocate. To use this method, combine three parts fabric softener with two parts water and spray the mixture around likely cockroach breeding grounds, such as sinks and garbage cans.

Unfortunately, this is not an effective cockroach home remedy. This DIY method of control is unlikely to be effective because it requires administering the spray directly to the crawling insect, and cockroaches are frequently out of sight. Furthermore, this approach will only kill the cockroaches that were directly exposed to the spray, and will not eradicate an infestation entirely.


Bay leaves

Some people also believe that bay leaves can help keep cockroaches at bay. A handful of bay leaves can be ground into a powder and applied to the areas of your home most frequently visited by cockroaches.

The cockroaches are supposed to be repelled by the essential oils emitted from crushed bay leaves, which increases the effectiveness of this home remedy. Unfortunately, bay leaves do not emit a strong enough odor to deter cockroaches. Cockroaches can joyfully dive into a meal of animal feces, so the scent of bay leaves should not be an issue.


Coffee grounds

The use of coffee grounds as a DIY remedy for cockroaches can be done in a handful of different ways. One strategy involves setting a trap with coffee grounds, water, and a jar. Alternatively, you might spread coffee grounds around your house to deter them.

The problem with using coffee as a DIY technique of cockroach control is that there are conflicting claims about how to use this common household item. It is used to both attract and repel cockroaches. The truth is that cockroaches have no opinion on coffee. They can’t decide if they like it or detest it.



To get rid of roaches naturally, you can try cleaning with a mix of water and lemon juice, as the odor of lemon is offensive to cockroaches. The efficacy of this home cure for cockroaches is not related to the smell of lemon (which has no effect on cockroaches), but rather to the act of cleaning itself.



Many people believe that using cucumber is an effective DIY method for getting rid of cockroaches. To use this natural cure, simply leave cucumber slices or peels out overnight in and around your kitchen’s sinks, countertops, and cabinets.

Many people believe that because cockroaches dislike the scent of cucumbers, this home remedy will naturally repel them. In reality, however, you are more likely to attract these crawling insects than to drive them away.


Soap & water

In the same way that fabric softener may be used to get rid of cockroaches, soap and water have been found to be effective in getting rid of these pesky insects as well. Making a soap and water solution and spraying it on live cockroaches is another DIY method of cockroach control. Soap will clog their pores, making it difficult to breathe.

However, this home cure requires direct application to living cockroaches, much like the use of fabric softener. However, it will not be enough to eliminate the pest problem entirely.

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