Smart Hack: Unlocking the Shopping Cart without Coins or Tokens

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People are usually in a hurry and under a lot of pressure when they go to the supermarket, so it can get very hectic there. However, there is one more issue that might make us all angry besides unorganized shelves, too many people, and occasionally nasty clients.

We’ve all been there: you need to go by the grocery store for a few items on your way to or from work. We need a cart in case we end up doing more shopping than we bargained for, but we don’t have any coins or tokens to use on the carts.

If you’re having trouble unlocking the cart without a coin or token, don’t give up hope; use this smart hack instead.

The Theft Protection Device

Yes, it is quite inconvenient for us to continually need a coin to unlock the shopping cart. It’s easy to accomplish this with a token, which can be found as a freebie just about anywhere. While it may be inconvenient to always have a token or coin on hand (since we usually end up forgetting it), the security feature serves a useful purpose by discouraging cart abandonment in the parking lot after customers have finished their shopping. In order to retrieve your token or coin, you will be “forced” to return the cart.

However, this workaround is useful if you don’t have any coins or tokens on hand:


You Don’t Need a Coin or Token to Unlock It!

You only need what you should always have on you: your key. The cart’s coin slot can accommodate the rounded side without any problems. Since you always have your key with you, you never need to worry about carrying around loose change or tokens when you go shopping.

However, this is only applicable to carts with a free-standing coin slot, and not those with a side-mounted storage area. But still! If you forget your token at home and don’t have a suitable coin, you can usually obtain a shopping cart at most supermarkets.


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