Small balcony decorating ideas: 15 best ideas

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Living in urban areas where space is always tight and having a small balcony could be a style preventive condition. That is not entirely true. With the right idea, you could maximize your small balcony space can be turned into a cozy nook or stylish haven. It is challenging, but it all depends on the right idea and your taste.

In fact, a small balcony attached to your flat or condo could be a great way to decorate your house. It is challenging to come up with an idea to decorate small space, therefore, we collected the best decorating ideas for your small balcony.  check out these  stunning small  balcony ideas and inspire yourself

1. Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring

classic is always classy. While the typical wooden flooring is prevailing, there are few classic designs that are still gorgeous. This one, for example, creates a wholesome look, with plenty of accessories to match the colors that one finds in the patterns underfoot. The wooden furniture adds a vintage size to this small balcony.

2. Forgo the bistro table

Forgo the bistro table

Although most people choose round Bistro tables for their balconies, rectangular tables suits balcony better especially small balconies. Rectangular tables can easily fit two chairs on the side as well as a narrow bench on the others. Thus, they fit more people than round tables.

3. Tropical small balcony

Tropical small balcony

Small balconies, such as this one, could be turned into a tropical oasis. All you need is the right idea. It took only an Acapulco chair and decorative palm accents for this small balcony to become an adorable private oasis. The Acapulco chair and palm accents cost around 250 dollars together.

If you desire to experience the Caribbean feeling, add in some palm planters. They are low maintenance and they will blow your mind.

4. Hanging gardens

Hanging gardens

Thinking vertically always produces the best idea for a small balcony. Gardens are beautiful and they are a lovely touch to add to your balcony. However, if you have a small balcony, it will become overcrowded.  You can save space by taking your garden off the floor. Hang your pots and containers on a wall in your balcony.

5. Private small balcony

Private small balcony

Privacy is an important part of our life. Nothing is better than a decoration that protects your privacy. This idea is for people who live in apartments with exposed balconies. If you have a metal railing on your balcony, pick up a privacy screen. It won’t cost more than 30 dollars. If you’ve got a glass balcony, you can cover it with an exterior-grade window film

6. Lighted up balcony

Lighted up balcony

if you have a small balcony and you’re worried about the space because you wanted to use it practically rather than for decoration, this idea is for you. Lighting your balcony would definitely add joy and charm to it. Besides, don’t use bright lights and you will have a romantic small balcony.

7. Simple balcony

Simple small balcony

In France, they say simplicity contributes to beauty. This is a proof of that. Look how beautiful this simple small balcony is. This idea suits perfectly a small balcony because as you can see, it depends only on plants in pots and candles, thus it does not require much space. Candles are a lovely addition to your balcony. They are a great way to bring a bright, warm touch to the balcony.

8. Tiny outdoor Patio

Tiny outdoor Patio

Perhaps this is the tiniest most cramped balcony, it looks beautiful though. Install a chair and side table combo, throw in some cushions on the chair and add bright greens with hanging flower pots.

9. Balck and white small balcony

Balck and white small balcony

Although black and white are contrasting colors, they make a lovely combination. Having a black and white balcony will make any element you add to it stands out with grace. Every element of this balcony blends well with the others. The white bench and flower pots compliment the cushion fabric just perfect.

10. Wooden small balcony

Wooden small balcony

Wood has a magical effect. It really does magic. Wooden floor suits small balconies. It gives it a rustic appearance that complements perfectly with any plants.

11. Cozy balcony

Cozy balcony

Getting your small balcony all cozied up is a creative idea. This pretty tiny balcony not only offers you an alluring decoration but also a unique warmness. It allows you to spend hours of coziness out in the open air. The chairs are covered with mattresses, blankets, and cushions for the warmth.

12. Rug covered balcony

Rug covered balcony

This is a great idea to make your balcony appear roomier. Besides, the rug creates the illusion of a bigger space. This small balcony looks bigger than it is. The hanging garden on the wall is the perfect way to add colors and life to your small balcony without occupying any floor space.

13. Cozy Balcony with Vertical Planters

Cozy Balcony with Vertical Planters

Cozy balconies are becoming trendy because they’re beautiful and they give a sensation of warmth. This idea revolves around a mini couch and a cushion to make the balcony cozy. the wooden slatted wall has an enchanting effect on the balcony. It simply makes it look wonderful.

14. A small balcony with a swinging chair

A small balcony with a swinging chair

if your balcony is too small and you want to save space but you also want something to sit on, you can install a swinging chair. it will spare you space and add an original element to your balcony. Besides the swinging chair, another admirable aspect of this idea is white rectangular planter boxes vertically assembled on a wooden wall. what a lovely touch!!!

15. Balcony Folding Table

Balcony Folding Table

if you don’t have any space left fit for a table yet you wish to add a table to have coffee or dinner on, this idea is what you have been waiting for. By holding a folding table to one of your balcony’s wall, you will manage your balcony’s space perfectly. You could put the table to use whenever you need to and fold it dows whenever you want to save space. It is efficient, practical and most importantly beautiful.

With these ideas, small balconies are no longer a problem. These ideas will allow you to decorate your balcony in a stylish way saving a lot of space that you need. We hope that you found these idea interesting.  Believe me, they’re worth trying.

If you wish to read more about balcony ideas that are applicable to big and small balconies, then take a look at this useful article.

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