Vegetable Garden Design Ideas: The best 18 working design ideas.

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Each year, when people are about planting their gardens they face the dilemma of which design they should use. There are so many designs to plan your garden. However, before panting your garden you should consider your goal. What is your ultimate goal for planting your vegetable garden?

Some people plant vegetables for aesthetic reasons, others plant them for productivity. Whatever your reason is, in this list, we made sure that all designs cover both reasons. You don’t have to waste your time looking for a design that suits your goal and taste. Everything you need is here in this article.

We have gathered these designs from all over the internet. They’re not randomly selected but rather with a purpose to fit all tastes and cover all your goals for your garden. Walk through them and you will definitely find an option that fits your aspiration for your vegetable garden.

1.  Raised Garden Bed Gardening Plans

Raised Garden Bed Gardening Plans

This design takes into account each raised garden bed. It is an amazing effective design. The best part of this design is that it incorporates the purpose of each vegetable as well. For example, you could obviously see they’re growing multiple beds of tomatoes.

However, they label the tomatoes that are meant for sauce, the tomatoes meant for sandwiches, and also incorporate the other vegetables they plan to grow in smaller amounts.

This layout is available with orientations here.

2. Pallet Garden Plan

Pallet Garden Plan

This design is perfect for small vegetable gardens. You have one raised garden bed. Then you put a pallet on the backside of the bed to allow vegetables to grow up it for support. This option is both frugal and economic. From there, you’ll need to know how to make the most of your garden bed. This design gives you a square for each vegetable grown.

This method allows you to have a variety of vegetables growing in one bed. It is definitely an excellent choice especially for those who live in suburban areas with smaller yards.

3. The Multi-Bed Garden Plan

4. 5,000 Square Foot Vegetable Garden Plan

This design incorporates multiple beds, thus, it will allow you to grow a ton of food and different varieties, too, because they won’t be in the same bed.  It is an absolutely great design as it offers you the choice to grow everything from vegetables, to flowers, to large sunflowers in one garden.

Learn more about this idea here.

4. 5,000 Square Foot Vegetable Garden Plan

5,000 Square Foot Vegetable Garden Plan

This plan is meant for people who have a big garden and want to produce a ton of food to feed their families.  It is always challenging to grow a lot of food. However, thanks to this design, it is not complicated anymore. In fact, this plan had a room for everything from vegetables to fruits to nuts. In other words, anything you want to grow, you can probably find a way to make it work in this garden.

More information about this design is available here.

5. Garden Planner

Garden Planner

This is a very neat and tidy vegetable garden plan. It is also very practical. As you can see, it does not waste any space when filling in the garden. Yet, it does not look overcrowded though. It is perfectly balanced. This design is what you need if you want a layout that will hold a lot of food and look good at the same time. Besides, this one is easy to maintain.

6. Intensive Garden Plan for Maximum Harvest

Intensive Garden Plan for Maximum Harvest

This is another vegetable garden design made for maximum productivity. it has the garden layout for spring, summer, and fall. Besides, it does not matter whether your vegetable garden is medium-sized or big sized garden, with this design it can fit a lot of varieties.

This vegetable garden idea is easy to do through these instructions.

7. 4×4 Foot Square Foot Gardening

4×4 Foot Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening is the ultimate way to fit a variety of vegetables into one vegetable garden space. That is why this design is very popular. this design is also clear and simple. It is easy to follow and see what is going on. Even beginners can understand it and apply it. It makes planting a vegetable garden very simple.

Additionally, it shows you how to properly place your vegetables so you would prevent the overlapping and stunting growth of your vegetables. What are you waiting for then? follow this guide to create this vegetable garden idea.

8. Summer Vegetable Garden Plan

Summer Vegetable Garden Plan

this design suits smaller spaces. If you have a small garden but you wish to invest it in more than decoration, then you found what you are looking for. This design includes everything from vegetables to herbs. It also looks nice, since you have the shorter items in the front. This design is not only about growing vegetable but also about decoration. It definitely adds charm to your garden.

This layout interests you? Follow these steps then.

9. Fall Vegetable Garden Plan

Fall Vegetable Garden Plan

This design removes the confusion about how you should arrange your full garden. It is easy to read and includes all of your necessary fall vegetables. What I like the most about this design is that is an inclusive design. It includes everything. It is a very simple and great design that allows mixing a lot of greens in your vegetable garden.

This plan is available in details right here.

10. Spring Vegetable Garden

Spring Vegetable Garden

Although this design seems complicated and has a lot of details in it. It is definitely worth trying. It is created for both aesthetics and production reasons. It is most popular among people who live in suburban areas because the look is important for them. It is a conductive design that includes lots of fresh vegetables that are spread out uniquely.

11. Auntie Dogma’s Garden Design

Auntie Dogma’s Garden Design

This is an easy doing design. It is basically an effortless vegetable garden design that suits new gardeners.

12. Companion Planting design

Companion Planting design

Many people use companion planting to plant out their vegetable garden. Companion planting is when you plant certain plants together that will compliment or protect each other just by being in close quarters. This is what this design is about. It shows which plants compliment each other and where to plant them.

Here is an easy to follow tutorial for this plan.

13. Hip Chick’s Garden Plan

Hip Chick’s Garden Plan 2013

If you want to grow different vegetables in your vegetable garden, then this is the right design for you. As it is illustrated, this vegetable garden design includes a variety of vegetables.

If you want to learn how to create this design, just click here.

14. Sobear Garden Plan

Sobear Garden Plan

This is a great vegetable garden design not only because it is easy to follow but also because it includes vegetables, flowers, and herbs. So this is basically a design that will allow you to grow everything not just vegetables. What I like the most about this design is the incorporated walkway all the way around. It makes it easy to access the plants and take care of them.

15. King George Homes Garden Design

King George Homes Garden Design

This design is also popular with beginner gardeners. To start, it is very easy to follow. The graphics are simple. There is no key to understanding it. Besides, it could be easily read. Even people who have not the slightest idea about gardening could read it. Another unique feature of this design is that it also incorporates a variety of vegetables and fruit.

This unique vegetable garden design comes with full detailed instructions right here.

16. The Great Small Garden Layout

The Great Small Garden Layout
Vegetable Garden Layout Plans Ideas Small Small Vegetable Garden throughout Small Vegetable Garden Layout Ideas – The Gardening

Although this design is a bit difficult to read as some of the names of the plants are not very clear, yet it has been experienced and it works well. It is also another inclusive design that should fit a variety of vegetables into a small gardening space. Thus, it is the most suitable for people who don’t have much space and they want a small vegetable garden.

17. Small Garden Layout

Small Garden Layout

For people who don’t want to make a lot of effort, this is the ultimate idea. this is not only easy to read design, but also easy to duplicate. If you want a design that you could easily apply. Don’t hesitate and choose this one. The marigolds going all the way around it are aimed at protecting the plants. However, they actually represent an additional element of beauty.

18. The Flower/ Vegetable Layout

The Flower/ Vegetable Layout

This design is one of the most beautiful vegetable garden designs. It is quite cool as it adds flowers to your vegetable garden. Vegetables are planted in the center of the garden surrounded by sunflowers on the ends and marigolds on the sides. the Sunflowers and the marigolds add protection and beauty to the garden.

These are the most popular beautiful and applicable vegetable garden designs on the internet. I hope they could help you grow a cool vegetable garden this year. one thing for sure, these designs work.

If you wish more information about these designs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you. Leave your comment and we will reply to you as soon as possible.






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