Top Gardening Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Green Thumb

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The gift-giving market for gardeners is actually quite robust, despite the common misconception to the contrary. We have the answer to your dilemma of what to give green-thumbed person in your life. What you have here is “Your Complete Gardener Gift Guide!”

You may want to rethink giving a plant as a present, despite its potential value to the recipient (who may already have several). Offer them something out of the ordinary that they might not normally purchase for themselves.

The gardening enthusiasts in your life will appreciate any of these thoughtful presents. And, best of all, prices range from under $30 to over $200, so there’s something for everyone.

Nitrile Coated Garden Gloves ($18,80 – Amazon)

Gloves for gardening with a nitrile coating. The durability and ease of wearing them on the job are outstanding. It’s a steal at this price, because you get two pairs for just ten bucks.


Stainless Steel Garden Markers ($12,99 – Amazon)

If you have a herb or vegetable garden, you need these brass stainless garden markers. Both indoors and out, they add a jovial and refined flair to any setting.


Hori Hori Gardening Knife with Sharpening Stone ($24 – Amazon)

This gardening knife is lightweight and conveniently located within hand’s reach, making it ideal for digging, weeding, and chopping in the garden. If you just started gardening and you don’t have a little knife, you’re missing out. Once you’d try it, you’d appreciate its potential utility and it’ll become an essential component of your gardening arsenal.


Flora Macrame Hanger ($33,99 – Amazon)

A lovely hanger is the perfect finishing touch for your indoor plant arrangement. The elegant weave of this hanger complements any setting. This is the perfect present for someone who enjoys gardening or who wants to decorate with plants.



A Year in the Garden: Journal ($20 – Amazon)

How about keeping a garden journal to record your efforts and experiments? This journal is ideal for the future gardener since it has checklists and other tools to keep you motivated and organized.


Square-Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew ($13,99 – Amazon)

When we switched to square foot raised beds from traditional rows eight years ago, we never looked back. This helpful guide provides detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for establishing and maintaining a square-foot garden.



Goodpick Woven Planter Basket ($36,97 – Amazon)

It’s all the rage now to decorate with natural fibers, and a woven planter is the perfect method to do just that. This charming storage basket can also be used as a planter, making it a versatile and inexpensive present.



Grid Watering System ($47,99 – Garden in Minutes)

This year we invested in two of these grid irrigation systems and have been delighted by how simple they have made watering our gardens. These grids are far simpler to set up than soaker hoses, and they may be installed directly into raised plant beds (or in ground gardens if you like).



Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes ($68,62 – Amazon)

This is one of the costliest items on the gift package, but oh very worth it. Their sound is beautiful. The calming tones of wind chimes make gardening and hanging out in the yard much more enjoyable. The harmonious tones of the Corinthian Bells will quickly become a favorite of any nature or garden enthusiast.



Gorilla Garden Dump Cart ($109 – Amazon)

This garden work horse is great for the gardener who doesn’t want to balance or lift a wheelbarrow. Dumping the contents is as simple as lifting the Gorilla Cart. Its sturdy tires make it simple to move around the garden and yard.


EarthBox Organic Growing Kit ($65 – Amazon)

Earthboxes are the best option for everybody, from experienced gardeners looking to expand their space to those who have never planted a seed before. There is no greater garden present than detailed instructions on how to grow delicious and plentiful vegetables.


White Swirling Birds (set of 3) – ($68 – Etsy)

Do you enjoy garden art or simply wish to add some movement to your garden? This magnificent flock of white birds will be a hit in any garden they are given to.



Survival Garden ($56 – Amazon)

Heirloom seed packets are the perfect present for a gardener (or for yourself). This package contains approximately 15,000 seeds and 32 different types.


The Cypress Tool Free Raised Garden Beds ( $142,99 – Amazon)

In the Southeast, we have easy access to cypress wood, a durable wood that is as suitable as cedar for use in outdoor settings. Elegant and easy to set up, these flower beds can be used right away.



Liberty Hose Reel Cart ( $122,79 – Amazon)

This cart will definitely serve you well and will be a pleasure to use. The hose cart is also quite attractive. A person who appreciates beautiful and practical garden accessories would be thrilled to get this as a present.



Garden Gifts that Keep Giving

Many of our garden gift ideas can be utilized for multiple years or seasons. And you’ll look like the most thoughtful friend/spouse/family member ever for giving them something they’ll actually use and enjoy.

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