What happens when you press the car remote control for 5 seconds? The smart thing everyone should do

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A “key fob” is a small remote device used to operate a keyless entry system. If your car has a key fob, you can skip the physical key altogether. Your key fob communicates with and controls your vehicle using radio waves. With this convenient tool, you’ll never again have to hear the clatter of keys.

As it turns out, there’s a lot you can do with this handy piece of technology. Here are several lesser-known uses for your car key fob that you should check out for yourself!

Start your car remotely

If your state allows it, you can use the remote start feature on your car key fob to warm up your engine on cold mornings. Consumer Reports recommends looking for a button with a circle arrow on it to remotely start the vehicle’s engine.


Lower the windows

Did you know your key fob may also be used to catch a breeze? According to HuffPost, many newer cars’ key fobs have a button that lowers all the windows automatically. To open all windows, press on the unlock button twice and hold it the second time.


Fold in your mirrors

After squeezing into a tight parking spot, you may protect your side-view mirrors from being damaged by other drivers by using the fob on your keychain. If your car doesn’t do this when you lock it, try holding the lock button on your key fob for ten seconds. According to Consumer Reports, newer models of Chevrolet and GMC pickup trucks typically include this function.


Unlock your trunk

In previous vehicles, you may have had to use a mechanical key to open the trunk, but many newer models feature key fobs that allow you to open your back hatch with the push of a button.


Start your car

62 percent of vehicles sold in 2016 have keyless ignition technology, according to Edmunds. If you decide to go keyless with your next model, the fob can be used to start and stop the car as long as it is in the vehicle and the brake is on. Just remember to never leave your key fob in your vehicle (but you can leave these items in there).


Stay safe at night

Almost all automobile key fobs feature a “panic” button that, when pressed, will trigger the car’s emergency signaling systems, allowing you to quickly locate your vehicle even in a crowded parking garage. However, if the garage is empty, using this feature can help deter would-be thieves, according to RepairPal.


Prevent home break-ins

Your car’s alarm system isn’t just useful for keeping intruders away from your vehicle; it may also keep them out of your house. RepairPal recommends keeping your car key fob near your bed if you have the ability to use it from inside your house. To prevent a break-in, pressing the panic button is just one of numerous actions you can take if you hear something in the middle of the night.


Unlock your car

This one might sound obvious, but it isn’t if you have a keyless car with a dead fob. Fewer and fewer cars use mechanical keys since keyless ignitions have gained in popularity. What’s the problem here? The keyless entry remote, which unlocks the car by electronic signals sent to the vehicle’s computer, may need new batteries at some point. Toyota claims that their keyless entry remotes store a mechanical key safely out of sight. This is useful information to have, especially if you need to retrieve anything you shouldn’t have left in your car.


Adjust your seat

Sharing a car with a taller person or someone whose legs simply don’t stretch as far as yours? Some GMC models let you save the position of your seats as a “memory,” so you can always return to your preferred driving position. The car recognizes the key fob’s unique number and uses that information to determine who is behind the wheel. There you can select your desired seating and go.


Park in tight spaces

Never be concerned about scratching another vehicle again. According to Business Insider, the Tesla key fob can be programmed to help drivers parallel park. Drivers don’t even need to be inside. When obstacles are detected, the “summon” feature will come to a halt and even close your garage door for you. Isn’t it a revolutionary addition to your car that will completely alter the way you travel?


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